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Articles | By Rinas Gerätetechnik | 04 November 2015
The RFE personalisation machine produces tickets with a minimum length of 40 mm and widths between 30 mm and 87 mm at thicknesses between approx. 0.15 mm and 0.6 mm. The RFE personalisation machine produces tickets with a minimum length of 40 mm and widths between 30 mm and 87 mm at thicknesses between approx. 0.15 mm and 0.6 mm. Photo: Rinas Gerätetechnik

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New RFID encoding system for continuous tickets allows a wide range of applications from public transport to customer loyalty

For the past 30 years, the name Rinas Gerätetechnik has stood for high-quality encoding systems with proven components, made in Germany, and an established OEM supplier for large mechanical engineering and card personalisation companies. Launching a new encoding machine for RFID continuous tickets, the encoding technology pioneer is taking further courageous steps in the RFID sector. With city passes, employee cards, and customer loyalty solutions, the company is already aiming at the target markets of the ticket sector.

Armin Rinas, Managing Director, Rinas Gerätetechnik, interviewed by „RFID im Blick“

Up to 20,000 RFID tickets per shift

“Primarily targeting the RFID ticketing community, the RFE accepts continuous pre-printed tickets either in fan-folded form or in batch rolls containing typically anything up to 5,000 individual tickets – the limiting factor being the physical size of the drum for ease of handling. The first machine sold targets a public transport project in Spain and is currently undergoing the customer’s final approval”, states Armin Rinas. “Our goal is to deliver five of these new encoding machines annually to the market.” The machine is capable of processing up to 20,000 tickets of different sizes and paper qualities per shift. The encoded ticket can be used for classical transport tickets in busses, trains, or metro. “The range of possible applications within local public transport, city marketing, or customer loyalty systems is almost limitless. And then there are employee cards, payback systems, cinema tickets etc. - all highly interesting target sectors for this application”, says Armin Rinas.

Robust technology “made in Germany” developed for long service life

When it comes to mechanical engineering, the owner-run company based in 88634 Herdwangen- Schönach, Germany uses high-quality manufactured metal components: “Durability and robustness are parts of our philosophy. This is how we stand out from the competition”, explains Armin Rinas, the managing director. Our mechanics are designed for continuous operation at throughputs in excess of 100,000 cards per shift for the highspeed magnetic stripe card encoder – with minimum wear. The system is maintenance-friendly, repairable, and spare part availability is guaranteed in the foreseeable future.

Satisfied customers say it all: “Since I can remember, we have received only a few complaints. Being a smaller company, we can implement customer requests more flexibly – which has an instant effect on the setting of our prices.”

All under one roof – a one stop shop

For many years now a number of major international mechanical engineering and card personalisation companies have relied on the Rinas technology for manufacturing their RFID, magnetic stripe cards and tickets, payback and gift cards, or member cards. “We offer everything under one roof – from individual modules, assembly and final test, to card handling, special machine construction and bespoke modifications, which even includes electronic and software development.” When considering product portfolio expansion, it was a logical step for Rinas Gerätetechnik to develop its offerings in the RFID arena and to offer complete systems including RFID software. “Either we provide the customer with the tooling to design the programming scheme of his cards or, he gives us the specifications for us to implement and create a layout and coding scheme. In the end, the customer gets configuration files to link his data.”

RFID activities just began but their number is steadily growing

So far, some 80 per cent of ticket and card solution systems are based on magnetic stripe but this is certain to change in the future, according to Rinas: “Recently, we have been receiving project requests for magnet stripe cards as usual, but also more increasingly for the RFID sector. These requests come from all over the world. We have already achieved a strong market presence in China and now, more and more companies from India and Indonesia are approaching us”, explains the Managing Director.

Product innovation: encoding machine for continuous tickets with double “security check”

The RFE encoding machine is designed for the encoding of continuous and perforated tickets of various lengths and widths. “A system with two readers installed makes for an interesting security feature”, says Rinas: The first reader writes the data onto the RFID chip, the second one checks the encoded data and UIDs in order to guarantee a high degree of data security. If a ticket is damaged during the transport, it can be customlabelled as “faulty”. In addition, the second reader is also able to delete all the data previously encoded by the first reader.

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