Mühlbauer launches new RFID Production Equipment

Articles | By Mühlbauer | 10 November 2015
Mühlbauer launches new RFID Production Equipment Photo: Mühlbauer

Cutting-edge technologies and solutions by the single-source technology partner for the production and personalization of smart cards, ePassports and RFID applications

The RFID technology is experiencing substantial growth in various applications: Garment tags for the apparel industry, NFC tags, RFID ski tickets, public transportation and event tickets - all of them can be produced on Mühlbauer systems. One crucial competitive advantage the Group has to offer is its turnkey solution, covering the complete RFID Smart Label production: Antenna Production, Inlay Assembly, Converting and Personalization.

From Thomas Betz, Managing Director, Mühlbauer

RFID Antenna Production System

With the launch of the Antenna Production System, Mühlbauer manifests its long-term strategy of the complete Smart Label Factory providing all process steps necessary for a flexible, fully integrated and cost efficient turnkey solution. Customers can now print their own RFID antenna on demand within hours instead of weeks and at the same time lower cost compared to the traditional etched antennas.

Thomas BetzDr. Thomas Betz Chip Attach: UHF Inlay Production

In contrast to the common flip chip technologies the Direct Die Attach technology (DDA) works with a moveable wafer table that is positioned above the antenna material. Therefore the path for the chip to be placed is the most direct way possible resulting in an overall simplified and easier process and in 50% less cost for chip attach. “High speed is a critical factor when it comes to RFID inlay production. Cost of ownership comparisons show a clear pattern especially at high volume production tasks”, states Thomas Betz.

The new CL light Converting Line

The CL light is characterized by a successful combination of cost efficient design together with a high flexibility in output configurations: dry inlay, wet inlay, Smart Labels from reel to reel. All processes are in one modular system: antenna web handling, label lamination, die cutting as well as output testing. The system has a throughput of up to 10m/min for semi-rotative cutting respectively 30m/min for rotative cutting. With an optimized change-over time between different products paired with lowest tooling costs, this converting system is perfectly suited for a production with smaller lot sizes and at the same time fast changing applications.

Personalize your UHF Label with PL light

With the new Personalization Lines, Mühlbauer follows the increasing demand for RFID and NFC products that include special printed features, serialization printing and unique encoding. The PL light thereby constitutes an entry level RFID Personalization System that is designed for low to medium volumes. A throughput of up to 18,000 UPH can be achieved. The process includes UHF chip encoding as well as printing variable data for graphical personalization. Both, Reel to Reel as well as Ticket to Ticket usage is possible. A maximum width of 110 mm can be processed.

Knowhow of the materials, requirements and applications

Mühlbauer’s competence and equipment portfolio has grown through 20 years of high-volume, high quality RFID production. The Groups daily business is to plan, install and ramp up complete RFID factories together with their customers in a real partnership that is growing from day one.

Knowledge transfer: RFID Academy

At Mühlbauer, the promise of know-how transfer is not just an empty phrase. Dozens of experts have already been successfully educated at the Mühlbauer RFID Academy. Every customer receives comprehensive training and know-how transfer in several areas:

  • Specifics of HF/NFC and UHF technology
  • Design rules, performance simulation and verification of customized antenna designs
  • Criterias, references and recommendations for optimal material selection (pros and cons of each choice)
  • Selection of a qualified vendor base for your individual application
  • Education on process flows and process parameters
  • Qualification for perfect equipment operation, maintenance & production ramp up
  • Individual needs as specified by the customer

Technology and Market Leadership

To ensure and expand the technology and market leadership, Mühlbauer continuously invests in innovative products and processes. Our research and development centers with over 400 high qualified engineers and technicians collaborate closely with customers and research institutions in order to efficiently launch reliable solutions in increasingly shorter development and production cycles.

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