Smartrac Presents Retail Optimized RAIN RFID Inlays based on Impinj Monza® R6-P Chip

Press Releases | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 10 December 2015

Smartrac has introduced a comprehensive range of RAIN RFID inlays based on Impinj’s latest Monza® R6-P chip. Optimized for serializing items such as apparel, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or jewelry, the new inlays are particularly suited for loss prevention and brand protection in retail environments.

Smartrac is consolidating its position as the industry’s leading provider of inlays and tags based on Impinj’s Monza R6-P chip series. Available as Miniweb, Miniweb, Shortdipole, Dogbone, Spine, Viper and Belt inlays, the new chip’s unique features offer significant benefits in a variety of scenarios.

Additional memory and features

Like its Monza R6 siblings, Monza R6-P delivers unmatched read performance and data integrity for effective item intelligence applications, as well as record-breaking encoding performance to enable the lowest applied tag cost. With the addition of up to 128 bits of EPC memory, up to 64 bits of user memory, “Kill Password” capability and a range-reduction switch, advanced usages such as loss prevention, brand protection and enhanced privacy are enabled. Moreover, the Monza R6-P tag chip includes revolutionary technologies such as automatic performance adjustments and encoding diagnostics.

Loss prevention and brand protection

For loss prevention applications, brand owners, service bureaus or retailers can write a store code into the user memory of each item’s tag chip. Thus, an exit gate is able to register in a few milliseconds whether any particular tagged item is sold or not-sold. Using the Kill Command and a password, the tag can be rendered unreadable once the item is sold, to ensure customer privacy. This also prevents the item from being tracked or counted after sale.

Chip memory can also be used to store individual brand protection codes (BPC), which are supplied by the brand owner or their representative, for verification by retailers or others at future points in the supply chain. The BPC is derived from the chip tag identification (TID) number, a unique number that is encoded and fixed by the chip manufacturer.

“With our new series of inlays based on the new Monza R6-P chip, we are strengthening our successful partnership with Impinj and completing our broad range of inlays and tags that are perfectly suited for retailers and brand owners interested in the benefits of innovative RAIN RFID technology,” says Torsten Strauch, Senior Vice President, Business Division Intelligent Things at Smartrac.

RAIN RFID is a wireless technology based on the UHF RFID protocol standard developed by GS1 and ISO. Its benefits include superior read range and fast data transfer. Smartrac is a founding member of the RAIN RFID Alliance, a global organization promoting the universal adoption of RAIN technology solutions across many different vertical markets.

Monza is a registered trademark of Impinj Inc.

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