“RFID im Blick” Report: RFID Transponders and Smart Labels 2015

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No Network without Transponders

RFID Transponders 2015

Regarding technology, there is not lack of innovation power:
RFID-sensors, new security features, higher memory capacity of Chip-ICs, even more stable bonding through Direct Bonding and SMT production as well as robust housing expand RFID’s usage spectrum – now also on the temperature scale of -196 to +250 degree Celsius – into a new dimension. Not least, progresses in Polymer technology further the aim of RFID in mass applications. Hence, for example, physicians of the TU Munich recently succeeded to watch the creation of polymeric electrodes during a printing process live. With the gained knowledge, they improved the electronic characteristics of the printed films.

A Strong Connection with Heat and Metal

Copper-polyimide inlays in combination with glass fibre-epoxy housing withstand a 20-hour heat stress when exposed to 200 degrees Celsius

B-IdYiwen Jin, General Manager, B-Id, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

“Today’s UHF transponders meet these requirements – they are stable, temperature-resistant and can be used on metal.”

UHF transponders have to have the very highest levels of inlay and housing stability when exposed to metal and high temperatures. To operate reliably in these environments, UHF transponders have to be extremely robust. Th eir performance should not be compromised through being exposed to heat or metal, reports Yiwen Jin, General Manager, B-Id. A strong bond is created by combining the housing material FR4 fi berglass with copper-polyimide inlays, ensuring temperature stability up to 230 degrees Celsius without any loss of performance.

A Special Solution for Numerous Applications

Miniaturised design has extensive potential for identification, traceability and component safety in different sectors

NeosidYilmaz Benzer, Sales Manager, Neosid, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

“The integration of these chips with extended functions increases the application range. The size and features of these transponders remain just the same – such as their long-term heat resistance up to150 degrees Celsius.”

The more specialised an application, then the possible use of the specially designed solutions often becomes more limited. However, this generalisation cannot be applied to the miniaturised HF RFID transponders from the fully automated production line of the manufacturer Neosid, as Yilmaz Benzer explains to ‘RFID im Blick’. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: the RFID tags that are only a few millimetres small are already being used to great effect in different applications and different sectors – and the range of applications is constantly expanding.


Reliable Identification - Even When Exposed to High Pressure!

All-metal transponders withstand high-pressure cleaning, chemicals used in in wash-down processes and endure mechanical impact

Contrinex SensorNorbert Matthes, Product Manager, Contrinex Sensor, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

“LF and HF transponders work especially well in environments susceptible to faults.”

Where work takes place, quite literally, in a high-pressure environment, the conditions could involve water, high temperatures, chemicals and pressures up to 100 bar. Standard transponders reach their limits when exposed to wash-down processes, explains Norbert Matthes, from Contrinex. All-metal transponders with stainless steel casings will work without problems in challenging environmental conditions such as those encountered in the food industry, the construction industry, the cement manufacturing industry, or in aluminium production.

Beyond “Cool”

Special transponders from HID Global for extreme freezing temperatures optimize the processes of sample identification in cryopreservation

HID GlobalRichard Aufreiter, Director Product Management, Identification Technologies, HID Global, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

“RFID helps cryopreservation organizations to overcome the central challenges: The effectivity of storing and handling of biomaterial is significantly easier with the automated solution. Furthermore, the exact identification enables the quick access to samples and reduces errors.”

In high-temperature applications in the industry, RFID-technology has long been established. So far, cryogenic temperatures were given little attention as they are outside of normal transponders’ specifications. For medical applications like the storage of cryosamples, HID Global has now developed transponders which work in the freezing temperature ranges between -80 degree Celsius for tissue samples, and -196 degree Celsius for stem cell-, fertility-, and other live research material and that have already proven in practical use to deliver reliable identification.


RFID Transponders and Smart Labels 2015

Solutions and Applications

Industry 4.0 promises to be a push for the RFID-market as the RFID-manufacturers are expecting the demand for their product to increase. Th is will also push up RFID-tag sales volumes. Since: Smart objects are the basis for connected processes in the „Smart Factory“. In the RFID-standardization as well, a breakthrough seems to be not far: Aft er ten years, the VDA came to an agreement regarding the specifi cations of ISO/IEC standards in the automotive industry. Th is landmark decision for “a common language” lays the foundation to use RFID across company boundaries. With its recent rollouts, the fashion industry is in front but the furniture industry is in the starting gates as well as the food industry, what leads to an expected increase in the quantity of transponders produced.

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