Hilti Uses RFID Technology to Help Construction Professionals Manage and Optimize Their Assets

Videos | By Confidex | 17 March 2016
Hilti Uses RFID Technology to Help Construction Professionals Manage and Optimize Their Assets Photo: Confidex

Hilti Corporation, a leading-edge technology and solution provider serving construction industries in over 120 countries, has launched a novel ON!Track Asset Management solution to help construction professionals make most of their assets and resources. The new web-based service utilizes RFID technology and Confidex RFID tags and labels to trace tools, machines and equipment at various construction sites. Instead of the inefficient and error-prone manual processes used in the past, Hilti’s customers can now identify their assets in real time and truly optimize the use of assets by allocating the right equipment in the right place, at the right time.

Keeping track and managing resources between different construction sites is a challenge to most construction companies. On site, valuable work time can be lost in locating tools, looking for lost assets or waiting for replacements. With Hilti ON!Track complete asset management solution, the construction company can tag their tools, machines, materials or equipment with RFID tags or labels, and use RFID readers for quick and accurate identification of the equipment. The status of these assets is updated immediately to a cloud-based data storage making the information readily available via Internet or phone at any time.

Confidex tags and labels are being placed on popular Hilti tools such as hammer drills, cordless electric drills, power saws, laser levels, heavy angle drills and fasteners. Additionally, the ON!Track service is not limited only to Hilti branded products but may be applied to any tools and construction machinery that need to be traced or tracked at the site. Since these types of assets are handled very roughly in challenging environments, Hilti needed highly durable labels and tags.

”Confidex helped us define the final specifications for the tag solution”, stated Dr. Johannes Paefgen, Group Leader Asset Management of Hilti and continued: “We defined the targets, but it was really more of a co-creation process where we could rely on Confidex for matching design to our criteria”. The resulting Hilti RFID tags are especially robust and thus ideal for use on construction sites.

Hilti has been testing the RFID/data management solution with their selected key customers and now the solution is ready for a company-wide rollout, starting in January 2016.

“This solution fits well with the outstanding added value Hilti provides its customers, helping them manage their assets much better than in the past,” explained Hanspeter Kündig, Confidex Sales Director.

“Despite the many unique challenges of this project, Confidex provided good and tight service from start to finish, executing flawlessly to make a customized product to match our final requirements,” Dr. Johannes Paefgen said.

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