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Company Profile

Omni-ID | Building Intelligent Supply Chains Omni-ID

Omni-ID is the global leader in developing and supplying passive, active and e-paper RFID-based solutions. The company is driving the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution for industrial applications in manufacturing, IT, energy, healthcare and government with complete asset tracking and material flow management solutions utilizing market leading technologies.

As the original inventor of the on-metal RFID tag, Omni-ID boasts the most complete catalogue of industrial RFID products on the market, including its newest addition: ProVIEW. This groundbreaking solution for material flow management in manufacturing directly replaces the static paper labels used for decades to manage processes with a dynamic e-paper (the View tag) and software solution.  ProVIEW provides the ability to track assets and send dynamic, real-time instructions to the tag, completely changing the auto-identification industry landscape.  Designed to address the #1 cause of factory inefficiency today, ProVIEW effectively replaces the 40-year old paper-based Kanban system and provides manufacturing with the process agility to competitively address a highly competitive “on-demand” marketplace.

From improving inventory and supply chain management, to compliance and real time visual instructions – Omni-ID’s versatile family of products enables complete end-to-end asset tracking and management solutions in some of the harshest environments on earth.

Based in Rochester, NY, Omni-ID has local offices in the UK, India and Asia. For more information please visit www.omni-id.com.


  • Data Carrier Manufacturer RFID Labels, RFID Tickets, RFID Cards, Active Transponders, Passive Transponders, UHF Transponders, NFC Transponders, Sensor Transponders, Miniature Transponders
  • Manufacturer of RFID Components Antennas
  • Provider of Process Consulting, Process Integration, Software Connectivity, Middleware, Complete Systems
  • Special Issues Cloud Services, Standardization, Simulation, Research
  • Technologies RFID
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Core Competencies

Global certified manufacturer of:

  • RFID transponder display and Manufacturing Software "ProView"
  • High Temperature RFID Transponder
  • Wide range of on-metal and non-metal UHF RFID transponder and labels
  • OEM/Customizing - Individual development of passive and active UHF transponders
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