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exceet Card Group introduces new pay-as-you go wristband

Press Releases | By exceet Card Group | 24 May 2016
exceet Card Group introduces new pay-as-you go wristband Photo: exceet Card Group AG

exceet Card Group, a member company of exceet Group, now offers a customizable wristband with integrated payment function. To make a payment, all the user needs to do is load a credit balance onto a SIM-card-type EMV payment chip and insert it into the certified aperture in the armband. The use of wearables for authentication purposes has been in the test stage for some time now. Now, exceet wristbands are ready for contactless payment in everyday use.

Unlike many other solutions available on the market, the slot used to mount the EMV payment chip is certified in accordance with the latest VISA and Mastercard requirements, and indeed the device was certified independently of the product it is used with. This leaves the customer unconstrained by form considerations and offers a great number of design options. The absolute freedom regarding the choice of product also means financial benefits in production and use.

Ease of handling for extended use

Further customer benefits of the new exceet solution are that the product is simple to use and durable. Like a prepaid card, the EMV chip that the customer uses to make payments can be loaded with a credit balance at any ATM or other NFC-enabled terminal, or via bank transfer. This makes it very easy for the user to continue using the wristband and extends the lifespan of the product.

That makes the payment wristband a perfect long-term advertising medium. Companies can have it designed in line with their own corporate identity and issue it preloaded with a credit balance as an advertising item, e.g. via a bonus program for new or loyal customers. Once the credit balance is used up, the customer is free to reload the wristband, or rather the integrated EMV payment chip. Since the band can also be designed to be shockproof and/or water resistant, it’s also ideal for sports events, tourism and other segments.

The solution has been developed in collaboration between exceet Card Group and OT (Oberthur Technologies) with OT contributing its proven Flybuy contactless payment chip technology.

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