TexTrace and Eximia Partner to Perfect Advanced Mobile Solution “eBrand” for Fashion Brand Protection

Press Releases | By TexTrace | 27 May 2016

Complete eBrand solution blends the best of RFID and mobile technologies to protect against counterfeits and grey markets

TexTrace AG, a pioneer in advanced technology for the apparel industry, has partnered with RFID system integrator Eximia Srl to develop a revolutionary mobile brand protection solution powered by radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

The complete eBrand business solution for brand protection allows fashion brands to securely verify the authenticity of their products throughout the worldwide supply chain , protecting their customers and their reputation from counterfeits and grey markets . This end-to-end product authentication solution blends TexTrace’s expertise in the design and manufacture of woven RFID brand labels, with sophisticated algorithms and mobile system integration know-how from Eximia.

TexTrace discreetly incorporates RFID technology into woven brand labels with a genuine look and feel, which are shipped directly to fashion brand manufacturers for source tagging. Each label is encoded with a proprietary algorithm including a unique identification code, which can be easily checked and verified with the eBrand mobile app via the secure Eximia authentication server.

“The unique, end-to-end eBrand business solution is made possible by the collaboration of two RFID pioneers in the fashion industry, TexTrace and Eximia, ”said Sybille Korrodi, Head of Marketing, TexTrace.“ With the TexTrace woven RFID brand label fully integrated into apparel and accessory items, brands and their retail clients can rest assured that they are protected from unauthorized resellers and return fraud .”

“ eBrand is the most advanced brand protection solution available combining RFID technology and mobile applications to address the global fashion industry’s very real concerns over product authentication,” said Mario di Floriano, CEO, Eximia. “Quick and simple product authentication enables distributors and brand owners to verify without a doubt that branded products are authentic, distributed through authorized channels and sold in the right stores .”

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