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SAG pushes into industrial RFID market with new products

Articles | By Securitag Assembly Group | 16 June 2016
PCB Metal Tag PCB Metal Tag Photo: Securitag Assembly Group

On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind- Metal transponders and sensor transponders to be launched in 2016

The Taiwanese transponder manufacturer focuses strongly on industrial applications in 2016. A newly developed series of On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind-Metal transponders as well as RFID sensor tags completes the portfolio of the company. Stanley Chen from SAG speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about new product developments and the main focus of the company in 2016.

Stanley Chen, Marketing Specialist, Securitag Assembly Group (SAG), in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

Industrial applications focus in 2016

Traditionally located in access control the Taiwanese transponder manufacturer pushes into new fields of RFID applications in 2016. “This year the company has a strong industrial focus. Several new applications especially for industrial purposes such as logistics management will be introduced to the market. Newly developed On-Metal solutions and sensor tags will play an essential role in 2016. Moreover, healthcare and consuming are steadily growing markets. In healthcare, the demands for labels and tags for asset tracking and instrument tagging have increased significantly. Overall, there have been more inquiries for RFID cards, keyfobs and transponders in different form factors,” Stanley Chen states.

Six millimetres PCB metal tag

With focus on the industrial markets SAG developed a series of On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind-Metal transponders. “The new UHF based product line is suitable for process monitoring and optimization in logistics, production, manufacturing or IoT. With its size of six millimetres the PCB metal tag can be attached onto small objects or items for item level tracking or asset management. The company specializes in the miniaturization of tags. Thanks to a special antenna design, the reading range for a SP metal tag is nine meters with a handheld reader. Behind-Metal tags can still be read from a distance of seven metres. Within the next quarter the On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind-Metal transponders will be available for the customers”, Chen comments.

Stanley ChenStanley Chen “In 2016 SAG has a strong industrial focus. Newly developed On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind-Metal transponders for logistics management as well as sensor tags for cold chain management will be introduced to the market.“

RFID sensor tags for cold chain management

Chen adds: “Another novelty are RFID +1 tags where RFID technology is combined with a sensor for temperature or pressure measurement or monitoring. Looking like a PCB tag it does help to connect RFID technology with sensor-enabled items creating a new dynamic tag. The HF based sensor tag is suitable for cold chain management as it can monitor temperature changes in meat delivery for example. The recorded data can be used for the analysis of the value added chain. The tags can be screwed on containers for tracking. In June, the products will be presented for the first time at the Sensor Expo in the US.”

NFC technology is a market with potential

“The company recognizes the importance of NFC technology for authentication and consuming. The NFC function of mobile phones is of special interest for the company. However, in Europe iPhones without NFC function are dominant players on the market which makes the implementation of NFC solutions rather complicated. The NFC development in Europe mainly depends on the attitude of Apple. If they insert a NFC function into their upcoming iPhones the company sees more potential for launching NFC solutions on the European market. Generally, the UK is the most mature NFC market with the most inquiries”, Chen stresses.

Special focus on the miniaturization of tags

Founded in 1999 in Taiwan, the Securitag Assembly Group (SAG) manufactures RFID transponders, tags, labels, cards and keyfobs. The company employs 400 employees with 50 employees working in the research and development section. Target markets are North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Asian Pacific area. The company offers solutions for HF and UHF with special focus on the miniaturization of tags. The portfolio newly includes On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind-Metal transponders as well as RFID sensor tags. The company works together both with end-costumers and specialist system integrators. Since 2016, SAG has an office branch in Tokyo, Japan.

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