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Dipole RFID pushes Industry 4.0 forward with connected RFID products

Articles | By Dipole RFID | 05 July 2016
NFC /UHF hybrid solutions are the future! NFC /UHF hybrid solutions are the future!

Going new ways: The Spanish label converter focuses on pioneer work in niche markets

Connected products that interact with consumers digitally: For Dipole Industry 4.0, IoT and adaptive AutoID technology products play an essential role in the business strategy of the RFID company. To provide the necessary tools for achieving the complete digitalisation of a company the label converter offers custom-built ID technologies, RFID, NFC as well as software and hardware solutions. Santiago Depares from Dipole speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about the company‘s portfolio, expansion plans and the importance of Industry 4.0.

Santiago Depares, Sales Manager, Dipole, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

Connected products push Industry 4.0 forward

Dipole‘s label development and manufacturing is mainly driven by digitally connecting industrial processes with the help of adaptive RFID products that are easy to integrate. “Industry branches such as the automotive and logistics industry will need connected RFID products in order to optimise their value- added chains and stay competitive. Our company offers converted, customised and adaptive labels, readers, antennas, tags and software and consultation services to push Industry 4.0 and IoT forward. Especially in Spain, Industry 4.0 is a fast growing business area as the attention and importance of this topic has grown immensely over last few years. However, it is still fairly new and not as established as in Germany, but a future market nonetheless,” Santiago Depares explains.

Going new ways by focusing on niche markets

The label converter specialises in niche markets and wants to be a pioneer outside mainstream business areas, the sales manager states: “Speciality fields offer interesting challenges for the label development. Instead of looking for the obvious implementation areas Dipole goes new ways by focusing on niche markets. The company has a strong partnership with Smartrac whose new sensor RFID tags are suitable for the detection of temperature and humidity in the automotive industry. However, Dipole is looking for novel application areas to access alternative markets as an industry‘s first. Working with smaller and medium companies also ensures personal contact which plays an important role for the company‘s customer-oriented business philosophy.”

Santiago DeparesSantiago Depares “Dipole converts customised and adaptive RFID products to push Industry 4.0 and IoT forward. Especially in Spain Industry 4.0 is a fast growing business area as connected products become more essential in staying competitive in the industry.”

NFC /UHF hybrid solutions are the future!

Other innovative technologies as NFC/ UHF hybrid solutions play an essential role for the company as well. Santiago Depares remarks: “The company recognises the potential of NFC/UHF hybrid solutions for customer interaction and logistical processes. Companies that already use UHF for logistics nowadays often want to integrate NFC for customer interaction. Connected interactive products are suitable for payment and communication solutions in retail but the applications can be used in maintenance as well. For that reason, we strongly focus on NFC and UHF in the field of label conversion. Industry and retail are constantly growing as application areas for the company‘s products. Our RFID products are also used in healthcare and sports timing.”

Expansion plans for Central Europe

Since 2003, the company converts a variety of RFID labels from hard tags over smart tags to on-metal tags. Based in Barcelona, Dipole employs twenty employees and actually can manufacture millions of RFID labels a year. “Customised speciality tags present a much appreciated challenge for our expert teams that work together to offer the ideal solution for the customer. It takes one or two weeks from the first inquiry of the customer to the distribution of the converted labels. Currently, the company‘s main markets lie in Spain and the U.S. However, Dipole plans to xpand to Central Europe with a strong focus on the German market as the company sells its products in more than 32 countries already,”Santiago Depares says.

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