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Issue Archive | 19 July 2016
RFID im Blick Global - 2/2016

RFID in MaintenanceCover Story: Widespread Use Of RFID In Wind Farms To Soon Be A Reality?

Interview with Torre Poppe, Manager of Operations at the “alpha ventus” Offshore Wind Farm, EWE Offshore Service & Solutions, and Dirk Buschmann, “alpha ventus” Site Manager

RFID, CPS, Energy Harvesting, Sensor Technology
The Future of Predictive Maintenance Starts Today - Jürgen Hupp, business field manager, networks and identification, Fraunhofer IIS

RFID and FashionRobots in Retail: Yes, Please!

Dr. Johannes Trabert, Co-Founder and Executive Partner, MetraLabs, in an interview with ‘RFID im Blick Global’.

An RFID robot that carries out automatic inventory, and directs customers to products? Sounds unusual! “Not at all,” says Dr. Johannes Trabert of MetraLabs, because the retail benefits are obvious: inventory is carried out swiftly and accurately, and costs are saved. When goods are out-of-stock, it is possible to detect this early. In the same way, goods which are in the incorrect place in the store can also be identified. And all of this happens completely automatically, without the need for valuable manpower. The employees in the store will have more time for the customer, for giving advice and selling. Soon, autonomous “shopping assistants” will be part of the everyday life of a store ...

RFID and AutomotiveRFID Optimism at Daimler

Daimler uses RFID productively. Plans and projects for applying RFID to numerous other processes are currently being drafted. Will the next step in series production succeed, and how can a cross-company RFID application be managed?

Audi Upgrades Bodywork Technology. More than 4,000 transport racks for carrying doors, hatches, and hoods are labelled with UHF RFID transponders for complete process transparency.

From Supply Chain Management to Supply Network. An RFID solution is connecting and optimizing the intralogistics processes at Continental Automotive.

RFID and HealthcareNo ‘Big Brother’! Locating Without Surveillance

In the emergency department of the Mayo Clinic more than 200 RFID readers ensure an optimised workflow for patient safety.

Olympus Relies On RFID Technology For Endoscope Reprocessing. The medical technology company is an industry pioneer and relies on 4th generation RFID devices to identify flexible endoscopes during their reprocessing


Balluff RFID Reader: Startup In the Blink of an Eye
RFID Reader: Startup In the Blink of an Eye

UHF reader with auto setup function: BALLUFF BIS VU short-range read/write head is the first device of its class to offer an auto setup function, and is specially designed for operation with the universal Balluff BIS V processor. This is a true multi-talent, permitting up to four read/write heads to be operated simultaneously, whether LF, HF or UHF.


Dipole pushes Industry 4.0 forward
with connected RFID products
Dipole pushes Industry 4.0 forward with connected RFID products

Going new ways: The Spanish label converter focuses on pioneer work in niche markets. NFC /UHF hybrid solutions are the future. Santiago Depares from Dipole speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about the company‘s portfolio, expansion plans and the importance of Industry 4.0.

The Future of RFID-enabled MovingThe Future of RFID-enabled Moving

Track and trace moving equipment using UHF RFID technology - Where exactly is my roll container located? Where can I find my moving boxes? For movers it is essential to keep track of all of their assets. In order to provide better service to its customers, Roldo Rent, a company specialised in the rental of moving equipment, implemented a new tracking system based on UHF RFID tags into its equipment with the help of the system integrator Mieloo & Alexander.


SAG pushes into industrial RFID market with new products“SAG pushes into industrial RFID market with new products”

On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind- Metal transponders and sensor transponders to be launched in 2016 - Stanley Chen, Marketing Specialist, Securitag Assembly Group (SAG), in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”


90 percent of Syrma-produced RFID Tags are custom-built90 percent of Syrma-produced RFID Tags are custom-built

Syrma Technology focuses on customised speciality tags for all industry branches. Identification technologies play an essential role in the business strategy of the international tag designer and manufacturer that has over 15 years of experience in the RFID sector. Sreeram Srinivasan, Jeyakumar Nelson and Sreedharan NG from Syrma Technology spoke with “RFID im Blick Global” about the company‘s specialisation in customer-built RFID tags for mass production, the product portfolio and the future of RFID.


Gera-Ident moves into the next phase
with RFID labelsGera-Ident moves into the next phase with RFID labels

Customers adapt their processes around current requirements with the help of the latest technological innovations. The German label manufacturer Gera-Ident offers its latest RFID label innovations to help customers adapt their internal process chains to the ever-changing requirements. Ramin Hassan, General Manager, Gera-Ident, speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about the next stage of development for smart labels.

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