RFID & Wireless IoT Global 03/2016

Issue Archive | 15 August 2016
RFID im Blick Global - 3/2016

Efficiency All Along the LineCover Story: Efficiency All Along the Line

How UHF-RFID technology optimizes processes and product quality in the production of automotive exterior parts. Story by Josef Hefele, Promoter for Industrial Identification, Process Industries & Drives, and Michael Bock, Promoter for Industrial Identification, Process Industries & Drives, Siemens


Passive UHF-RFID-Solution at ParagonPassive UHF-RFID-Solution boosts over-all efficiency of Paragon

In an industry first in the UK, Paragon has optimized internal processes with RFID.

Driving efficiency with RFID: UK-based Paragon Automotive wanted to increase the visibility within the automotive supply chain while gaining control over the internal processes at the same time. A passive UHF-RFID-Solution not only enhanced speed and accuracy across the entire supply chain, but also laid the foundation for a glass pipeline between manufacturer, logistics provider, and dealer. Chris Higgins, Group IT Director Paragon Automotive, speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about the reasons for turning to RFID. He not only focuses on the tagging process, but also highlights the resulting benefits for both Paragon and its clients.

RFID and AutomotiveTracking of dental instruments improves patient safety

University of Copenhagen counts on UHF RFID for its dental equipment - the process increases transparency and improves hygiene. Bo Danielsen, Head of School of Oral Health Care, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”.

RFID on the AIDAPrimaSmart processes at sea: RFID on the AIDAPrima

AIDA Cruises relies on NFC and UHF RFID for room access, payment on board, and uniform and linen tracking.

RFID is used consistently in various processes for door lock applications, for staff uniform management, or for laundry tunnel systems on the AIDAprima - to secure its competitiveness for the future. For Gunnar Bock of Aida Cruises, the use of RFID and NFC technologies indicates potential growth for the future. He talks with ‘RFID im Blick Global’ about the comprehensive rollout of identification technology on the cruise ship as well as the migration to virtual keys.


RFID take-off
into The Cloud
RFID take-off into The Cloud

From in-store real-time analysis cloud-based solutions to innovative inventory robots. 2016 is the year when RFID takes off. Large retailers will take part in international RFID roll-outs and we will also see owner- operated fashion retailers starting RFID deployment. Geert den Hartog, Checkpoint Systems, is convinced that “the RFID take-off is happening now”.


Access, data encryption, proof of authenticity and contactless payment through wearablesAccess, data encryption, proof of authenticity and contactless payment through wearables

Secure and authorised access together with data encryption are becoming increasingly important for companies and public authorities. User-friendly security solutions are crucial nowadays. Contactless payment using wearables is also becoming more and more significant. The card manufacturer Exceet has developed solutions for both applications.

Undeniable Value
and BenefitsUsing secure NFC to transform security and asset management for facilities managers

HID Global and technology partner MyTAG Ltd deliver a comprehensive solution that intuitively manages assets, property management, physical security personnel, keys, and contractor management – MyTAG.io


Middleware - Product OverviewMiddleware - Product Overview

Sit back and relax with RFID-enabled middleware. The software component as a service provider for data exchange. RFID middleware solutions 2016: powerful software systems process RFID data streams adaptively rather than simply collecting and filtering data. Thus, new and expanded possibilities for the integration of RFID applications are created.


Magna Steyr on its way
to the smart factoryMagna Steyr on its way to the smart factory

The automotive company focuses on an adaptive self-organising production to optimize processes at its site in Graz. Franz Weghofer, Magna Steyr, speaks with ‘RFID im Blick Global’.


Smart Parking in the City of WestminsterSmart Parking in the City of Westminster

Infrared sensors provide information on available parking spaces – RFID keeps disabled parking spaces clear. Simon Morgan, Westminster City Council, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”.


Delta Airlines rolls out a global
RFID baggage tracking solutionDelta Airlines rolls out a global RFID baggage tracking solution

RFID Baggage Tagging isn‘t Rocket Science. Passengers can choose to track their baggage via an app.

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