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NEW! Renowned Hospitals from Canada and the USA Enhance Patient Safety with RFID and Will Exclusively Tell about this at the RFID tomorrow!

Conference News | By RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow | 26 August 2016
RFID tomorrow 2016, Forum 5: RFID in medical processes. RFID tomorrow 2016, Forum 5: RFID in medical processes.

Mayo Clinic at Rochester MA/USA and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre at Toronto/Canada share insights in solutions for the tracking of patients, employees, as well as medical and technical equipment via RFID. Where can you experience these lectures? In forum 5 "RFID in Healthcare" at the User Day, September 20, 2016 in Dusseldorf!

Supervision? Far from it!

Ellie Lee from Toronto and Dr. Kalyan S. Pasupathy from Minnesota impressively demonstrate that RFID tracking solutions can only work if all parties involved – care personnel, doctors, IT staff, and representatives of patients, sit down together for the conception. Only this creates trust in a solution that localises but doesn't supervise.

Care personnel, patients, and their relatives – everybody profits

The main focus of the tracking solutions lies on enhancing patient safety. RFID collects data that is required to localise every patient in the OR area (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre) or in the ER (Mayo Clinic). Unnecessary waiting time is avoided, patients treated faster, and relatives informed more easily.

No more “traffic jam” in the OR

In the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, RFID use in the 19 rooms of the OR wing lead to fundamental optimisation of timelines from the waiting room into the OR and the following recovery room. At the same time, relatives are informed in anonymous form about the treatment status of their relative in real-time.

Monitor all processes in the ER in real-time

In the Mayo Clinic emergency department that consists of 73 rooms, more than 190 patients are treated per day. RFID helps the staff to keep a complete overview. On top of that, portable objects such as ultrasound devices or Ipads for the communication with non-English speaking patients are localised with RFID.

RFID tomorrow 2016RFID tomorrow 2016 on September 19th and 20the in Dusseldorf, Europe

Forum 5: RFID in Healthcare - From Privacy to Sterilisation Department

  • Elli Lee: Sunnybrook Hospital Toronto - RFID in the OR area and prevents bottlenecks in patient care - A new level of patient care
  • Dr. Kalyan S. Pasupathy: No ‚Big Brother in the Mayo Clinic! Locating People and Assets via RFID without Surveillance

More high-class lectures in Forum 5 "RFID in Healthcare" bring additional and important aspects of RFID deployment in the medical field to the stage of RFID tomorrow:

  • Lawyer and data protection expert Gerald Spyra explains to the participants how RFID, despite existing juridical restrictions, can be used for the benefit of the patients.
  • Sadmir Osmancevic tells about RFID use in the central sterile supply of Charité Hospital located at Berlin.
  • Bo Danielsen of the University of Copenhagen talks about RFID-based tracking of dental instruments.
  • Sven Schöppe of Leo System elaborates how RFID reduces costs of employee clothing management without affecting highest possible hygiene standards.
  • Reinhard Jurisch of Microsensys presents the use of passive RFID sensors in medical implants.
  • Idesco's Marko Kreus addresses building security by referring to the deployment of RFID access solutions at Oslo University Hospital.

See for yourself the diversity, up-to-dateness, and exclusivity of the content presented. Convinced? Get your ticket today!

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