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HID Global presents extended portfolio at RFID tomorrow 2016

Conference News | By HID Global | 06 September 2016

RFID tomorrow 2016

Highlights include: RFID components to automate fleet fuelling, secure presence verification and asset management

An eye for security: HID Global spearheads the development of innovative RFID solutions for applications demanding secure identification. Other highlights of HID Global's presence at RFID tomorrow 2016 include components to automate and streamline refuelling of fleet vehicles.

Security without ambiguity

“HID Global’s Trusted Tag™ Services” secures Internet of Things applications to verify secure “Proof of Presence” using trusted NFC tags and cloud authentication with a simple tap of a mobile device.

No mobile applications to develop, download or additional readers to buy. In practice, this complicated-sounding concept is very easy to apply, says Richard Aufreiter, Director Product Management, Identification Technologies, HID Global: “A standard NFC tag is okay for certain uses, but can be copied without much difficulty. Even adding a URL with the tag UID embedded does not secure your information. 'Trusted Tag Services', on the other hand, creates a unique cryptographically secure URL and leverages strong authentication with every smartphone tap. This guarantees trusted access, precise location, and time spent for service.” Richard Aufreiter will demonstrate the value of a secure NFC solution for security patrols, managing maintenance services, and monitoring in-home healthcare services on User Day, September 20th. “Checking in and out at the object or location, precisely tracks the duration of service to bill clients accordingly.”

Automate refuelling bills

An RFID tag on your fuel cap that cannot be removed without being destroyed and an RFID reader on the gas pump – that's all an automated fuelling solution needs to seamlessly integrate into Fuelling Management Applications. “'IdentiFUEL ™ by HID Global automates fuelling processes. Originally developed for large-scale operations such as airport fuel management, it is now being used by various businesses and even commercial gas stations. A Vehicle Unit that monitors mileage and traffic data can be added to extend results. The client refills without having to pay on the spot. Instead, each refuelling process is registered and added to his monthly bill”, Richard Aufreiter explains.

Universal application tag

Another highlight of HID Global's presence on the exhibition floor is the TapMark™ tag. An unassuming RAIN UHF transponder allows for client-specific surface printing and a number of possibilities to apply the tag on a variety surfaces. “Whether glued to flat or curved surfaces, magnetically affixed to metal surfaces or to pipes and tubing via cable ties... What's unique is the possibility of driving a screw right through the middle of the RFID tag without compromising performance. This allows for greater freedom of use, especially in flexible Asset Management.”

Key facts about RFID tomorrow 2016

  • September 19th and 20th 2016, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Location: Van der Valk Hotel, in close proximity to Dusseldorf Airport
  • International conference program with 44 talks in five specialist forums
  • 37 top RFID companies exhibiting
  • 30 SpeedLabs (workshops) by RFID providers including live demos on the User Day
  • Networking, inspiration, and exchange of ideas over more than 2,000 square metres of event area at the Van der Valk Airporthotel

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