The cutting edge on-metal label: Confidex Silverline Blade™

Press Releases | By Confidex | 04 October 2016
Optimal for asset tagging, this little giant is sure to find a million industrial uses. Optimal for asset tagging, this little giant is sure to find a million industrial uses. Photo: Confidex

There has been demand in the market for a small but powerful RFID tag that is as easy to print and personalize as a label but still works on any surface like a hard tag. Confidex set out to develop a solution for the demand: Confidex Silverline Blade™ on-metal label.

Versatility has always been the key in the Confidex Silverline product range. But the new Blade was designed to open up whole application areas with its small size, global frequency range, long read distance and suitability to different surfaces.

Act globally, tag locally

One of the challenges to overcome was to maintain excellent performance over the global radio frequency range of 860 to 960 MHz. This required a lot of optimizing on the antenna to widen its resonance. The effort was well worth it, as we can now offer one single label in every market.

New chip

Of course, the key to a good performance is a high-quality RF chip. We are particularly proud of the cutting edge Impinj Monza R6 chip that’s at the heart of our new label. That combined with our deep knowledge on on-metal label designs is way ahead of anything in the market at the moment.

Easy to install

Since Blade is meant to work both indoors and outdoors (IP68 rating), it has industrial-grade adhesive for easy bonding to most surfaces. Printing and programming is also made simple – our partner Zebra is offering a ready-to-use printer solution for personalizing your own labels.

Tiny but powerful

Measuring only 2.5 x 6 cm (about 1 x 2 3/8 inches), Confidex Silverline Blade™ is small and unobtrusive. Only 1.2 mm (about 1/16”) thick and made of flexible foam-like substance, it does not require absolutely straight surface. Blade is also very robust and will survive most industrial use (direct banging with a hammer excluded), making it a cost-effective alternative to hard tags.

In-house production

Much effort was put into perfecting the production technology to enable efficient mass production. Some manufacturers may still assemble the labels by hand, which is of course unacceptable if the label is produced in millions. Because Confidex does every production phase in-house, we were able to hone the process to perfection, ensuring consistent quality and competitive price. Also any possible customizations are easy to implement.

Tried and tested

Confidex Silverline Blade™ has already proven its worth in the field. One of the most successful pilot projects is a major US bank tracing its IT assets – everything from laptops to printers – with Silverline Blade RFID labels. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as Blade keeps its good reading distance and high performance on any surface while printing and programming could be made on-site – something not possible with other equally priced solutions at the moment. That’s why Confidex Silverline Blade™ on blade server makes more than sense.

Other application areas in the ongoing pilot projects include a car part manufacturer that needs to keep track of its very customizable parts and a large appliance maker that marks refrigerators returned for maintenance. Both have their own special needs, and Blade answers to these needs perfectly. Never before has a single product combined long read distance, easy printing and small size – not to mention the economical price.

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