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OPC Foundation | The Interoperability Standard for Industrial Automation™ OPC Foundation

World’s leading community for interoperability solutions

The OPC Foundation is the world’s leading community for interoperability solutions based on OPC communication specifications that deliver universal connectivity. The mission of this community of vendors, end-users, integrators, and educators is to advance the development, adoption, and certification of OPC products.

Education, awareness, and adoption of the OPC specifications

OPC is the interoperability standard for secure, reliable, and platform-independent information exchange. It provides open connectivity by defining an interface between clients and servers, as between servers and other servers, for different fields of applications.

With 480 member companies today, the OPC Foundation promotes education, awareness, and adoption of the OPC specifications through global compliance and collaboration programs. As the official source for the OPC Certification Program, the OPC Foundation helps ensure that OPC products plug-and-play in real-world applications. For more information, visit


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Core Competencies
  • International
    OPC UA is Standard IEC62541 450 Members Worldwide
  • Security
    Integrated „by Design“ - Analyzed by the BSI
  • Scalable
    Sensor to the IT cloud
  • Independent of
    Vendor, Operating System Industry and Language
  • Transport independent
    TCP / HTTPS / UDP / AMQP / MQTT / Extensible
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