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Company Profile

Crosscan | Your solution to revolutionized retail Crosscan

Retail RFID and IoT solutions

Crosscan, a provider specializing in RFID and IoT solutions for retail, has been a partner for the development and implementation of powerful hardware and software for people counting for more than ten years. Today, Crosscan employs 40 people and operates more than 15,000 systems in over 50 countries.

They are serviced and supervised from Witten and San Francisco, and are managed within a reaction window of 12 to 48 hours. In addition, powerful machine learning algorithms are at work forecasting visitor frequency and revenue.

Crosscan Connect software

Crosscan Connect software is a web-based reporting system that transforms collected data into comprehensible reports in order to optimize store performance. The software illustrates store performance in form of concrete KPIs.

Crosscan generates an information advantage from Big Data for the client, which helps retailers to connect with the customer. The insights from Crosscan Connect are used for business intelligence, to deepen the customer relationship, to support the sales activities, and ultimately to boost sales.

Our new Crosscan ESL solution is a smart, digital price tag that can be combined with NFC or iBeacons. It allows the retailer to take advantage of the central price and content control, for example, and can be integrated into Crosscan Connect.


  • Provider of Process Consulting, Process Integration, Software Connectivity, Middleware, Complete Systems
  • Special Issues Data Protection, Counterfeit Protection
  • Hardware Distributor RFID Read/Write Devices, RFID Printers
  • Technologies RFID , Wireless Sensing
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Core Competencies
  • Transform the retail experience
  • Real-time Data Solutions
  • Real-time Store Management
  • RFID and Electronic Article Surveillance
  • People Counting with >98% Accuracy
  • Electronic Shelf Label
  • WLAN Tracking
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