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Issue Archive | 15 December 2016
RFID im Blick Global - 4/2016

Discover the right product with 160 product entries!Discover the right product with 160 product entries!

The fourth issue of “RFID im Blick Global” contains the comprehensive and up-to-date RFID and NFC Product Guide 2017 with over 160 entries in the following categories: RFID Printers, RFID Readers, Mobile RFID Readers and Handhelds, RFID Modules and Antennas, Smart Labels, Smart Cards, Integrated Circuits, RFID Transponders, NFC, and Machines and Processing Systems. The catalogue, published once a year, has become even more international, more differentiated and more stringently structured. The Product Guide supports users in choosing the right hardware for their solution!


RFID and NFC technology today and tomorrowRFID and NFC technology today and tomorrow

The 16 articles on new developments and innovative technological leaps showcase the state of the art in RFID and NFC today, as well as the applications and products of tomorrow. Manufacturers, distributors, and solutions providers come together to help users optimize their processes, whether in manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, retail, healthcare or security.


Data Elektronik: A Bridge to the Customer
Data Elektronik: A Bridge to the Customer

System integrator and solutions provider Data Elektronik is readying for the future with key innovations to its product portfolio. By leveraging decades of experience and close communication to its customers, the company provides unique, application-oriented solutions worldwide, in RFID hardware as well as in middleware.


Printronix Auto ID sets the standard for mid-range printersPrintronix Auto ID sets the standard for mid-range printers

Fast, flexible, reliable: Developed for midrange markets, the Printronix T6000 offers extended functionalities such as direct PostScript and PDF printing or an optional RFID module. “RFID im Blick Global” speaks with Rolf Diebenbusch, Printronix Auto ID, about the technical features and benefits of the T6000.


Dual Technology by Deister Electronic Unites HF and UHFDual Technology by Deister Electronic Unites HF and UHF

RFID is a key technology in access control today. However, with conventional solutions the user has to carry several RFID cards for different systems. Deister Electronic ‘DualTechnology‘ provides a remedy: HF and UHF transponders are installed in the same card without affecting each other.


States Around the World Rely on Secure ID Document SolutionsStates Around the World Rely on Secure ID Document Solutions

For 60 years, MELZER maschinenbau has been manufacturing individual production solutions in Schwelm, North Rhine-Westphalia. The third generation of the family owned business focuses on solutions for RFID transponders and identity cards and enables the production of the most secure documents in the world.


RFID Manufacturing Equipment For Expert Customers and Start-upsRFID Manufacturing Equipment For Expert Customers and Start-ups

Founded in 1981, Mühlbauer has become a leader in the security sector. The company specialises in end-to-end solutions focusing on the production, personalization, and issuance of secure banking cards, ePassports, and Smart Labels. Moreover they develop and produce innovative systems such as micro-chip sorting and industrial image processing of coins and banknotes.


Simply Secure With HID Trusted Tag ServicesSimply Secure With HID Trusted Tag Services

A use case: All sixteen fire extinguishers in an eight-floor office building are scheduled for regular inspection. They have been outfitted with HID Trusted Tags. The service technician can check into the service application with a simple tap using his mobile device. This way, building management can be certain every fire extinguisher has been inspected and is up to code – and the maintenance provider can bill this service precisely.

Reaching Out To the Digital WorldReaching Out To the Digital World

As a provider of electronics components such as capacitors, resistors, sensors, resonators, and RFID technology with a yearly revenue exceeding 10 billion Euros and over 50,000 employees, Murata is one of the leading enablers of worldwide digitisation. “RFID im Blick Global” spoke to Alexander Schmoldt, Murata, about the challenges for the digitised world today.


Ruhlamat Presents New Developments in Wire-layingRuhlamat Presents New Developments in Wire-laying

Ruhlamat is taking a new evolutionary leap: in order to enable more efficient and cost-optimised production processes, Ruhlamat is publishing a machine update that lets machines execute several overlapping processes at once. Olaf Grüneklee, Ruhlamat, talks to “RFID im Blick Global” about modular production processes, 3D wire-laying, and new markets.


The Return of the Truly Smart CardThe Return of the Truly Smart Card

In an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”, Yiwen Jin, CEO of B-Id, talks about technological updates regarding display and fingerprint cards as well as newly developed Bluetooth cards. Millions of units of cards that are needed in different projects prove that real requirements are being implemented and not just technical “gimmicks”: Projects in Asia and the US that focus on the technological refinement of the cards are currently underway.


Secure Protection Against Counterfeits With Woven RFID labelsSecure Protection Against Counterfeits With Woven RFID labels

Counterfeiting is a global multi-billion dollar business – to the detriment of the trademark owner. Fashion Label Vivienne Westwood has taken an innovative approach to track fashion products throughout all channels from manufacture to sale using woven UHF RFID labels from Textrace, Textrace CEO Stephan Bühler explains in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”.


New Mobile Computing Series Paves the WayNew Mobile Computing Series Paves the Way

The new “Scorpion” handheld and tablet product series for industrial applications by Bressner Technology is available in sizes of up to 12 inches and in high IP protection classes. NFC and HF interfaces can be integrated for additional uses. Alexander Pluntke from Bressner speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about product details, benefits, and application areas of the new “Scorpion“ tablet and handheld series.


Shop Floor Inventory in real time with UHF RFIDShop Floor Inventory in real time with UHF RFID

Solution provider Mojix developed an inventory solution specially tailored for retail. It locates tagged goods on the shop floor and in adjacent warehouses around the clock and in real time, and also registers movements. Roelof Koopmans, Mojix, speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about benefits for retailers and the enhanced shopping experience for customers.


From Automation to Access Control with Feig ElectronicFrom Automation to Access Control with Feig Electronic

Bringing innovations to applications via solutions alongside trends is only one side of the coin. RFID hardware manufacturer Feig Electronic offers a broad portfolio of solutions in all three RFID frequency ranges. In our interview, Stephanus Becker from Feig Electronic takes a look at example applications and explains which frequency fits which area of application.


Rinas Gerätetechnik Is Continuing Its Expansion Into RFIDRinas Gerätetechnik Is Continuing Its Expansion Into RFID

Whether using RFID or magnetic stripes, Rinas is an established trusted name associated with the manufacture of professional encoding systems for tickets, credit cards, access solutions, and more. Managing Director Armin Rinas spoke to “RFID im Blick Global” about current and future developments in manufacturing solutions.


IoT Needs Connectivity!IoT Needs Connectivity!

The requirements for modern identification systems are increasingly defined by ERP architectures. To enably connectivity, a large percentage of RFID systems today are equipped either with a serial or a proprietary port . The reason lies in a constant need for optimisation and efficiency gains in a production and logistics environment, Thomas Brunner, Kathrein IoT Solutions, explains.


The Whole Range of Smart card TechnologyThe Whole Range of Smart card Technology

Plasticard-ZFT celebrated their 25th birthday during the summer of 2016 with new innovative projects such as display cards, NFC temperature loggers, card-in-card systems, and a fully automated online shop. At the same time, the company expanded its headquarters in Dresden, signalling a commitment to growth and production in Germany.

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