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Global business and branding solutions provider

SML is a global business and branding solutions provider. We partner with the world’s most prominent brands and retailers, incorporating our innovative technologies to help them work smarter and to reach higher quality, long-term solutions.

We are based in Hong Kong with a presence in more than 30 countries. In November 2016, SML opened its new RFID Demo Center in Mettmann, Germany. The RFID Solution Innovation Center answers any questions users may have about the integration of innovative technology in the retail sector and is one of six RFID Demonstration Centers worldwide.


Our RFID systems help retailers to reduce shrink, maximize supply chain efficiency, reduce overall costs, improve inventory tracking, implement omnichannel, and provide an enhanced customer experience.

SML offers high-quality tags, flexible printing solutions, and our retail RFID system, the Clarity High-Definition Enterprise solution. Products include SML hang tags and labels with UHF RFID inlays for item-level RFID in apparel inventory management, as well as the Thermal Printer FP300/FP300R, a thermal transfer label printer for inplant printing with FlexiPrint. FlexiPrint enables customers to do RFID encoding and printing in their OWN manufacturing locations when and where needed.


  • Data Carrier Manufacturer RFID Labels, Passive Transponders, HF Transponders, UHF Transponders
  • Technologies RFID , Barcode
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Core Competencies
  • Tags
    Wide range of high-quality RFID tags; able to encapsulate with different materials
  • Service Bureau & Flexiprint
    Allows to provide standard and high-end RFID labels in short time
  • Inventory Solution “ClarityTM”
    Offers a powerful feature set that can be utilized throughout supply chain management, such as auditing shipments, counting stock in stores, etc.
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