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Simply Secure - HID Trusted Tag® Services Create Reliability in Asset Management

Articles | By HID Global | 06 January 2017
Reading the HID Trusted Tag is possible with an NFCenabled device does not require a mobile app. Reading the HID Trusted Tag is possible with an NFCenabled device does not require a mobile app. Photo: HID Global

A use case: All sixteen fire extinguishers in an eight-floor office building are scheduled for regular inspection. They have been outfitted with HID Trusted Tags. Before beginning the inspection, the service technician checks into the service application with the device by a simple tap using his mobile device. This way, building management can be certain every fire extinguisher has been inspected and is up to code – and the maintenance provider can bill this service precisely.

Guido Kuhrmann, Sales Director IDT, HID Global, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global“

HID Trusted Tag Services improve all areas of maintenance

“Whether it is a fire extinguisher, escalators, elevators, or medical devices: wherever there is a need for regular inspection, maintenance, or parts exchange, HID Trusted Tag Services adds value across the maintenance and inspection process”, Guido Kuhrmann underlines. “Trusted Tag Services provide the certainty that nothing can be manipulated and the work has been done to specification. It also enables automated tracking and billing of work hours, as well as providing work history and other equipment information.”

Secure authentification without the need for a mobile app

In order to use Trusted Tag Services, the service technician checks in on-site via an NFC-enabled smartphone as soon as he starts working on a device. Every time the tag is read, a cryptographically unique URL is created, linking to the Computerized Maintenance Management Server (CMMS) of the maintenance provider. The cryptography unique identifier (UID) is verified by HID Cloud Authentication Service. The maintenance provider can then use the secure interaction to properly capture equipment history, to capture service & inspection data. “No mobile app is needed, CMMS transaction and authentication is web based. ”, Kuhrmann explains. “After completing his task, the service technician checks out or closes service ticket using the same process. The Service provider can leverage trusted timestamps, location, and automated service call to accurately invoice for services rendered. ”

Guido KuhrmannGuido Kuhrmann “Our motto is: as secure and as simple as possible. In the past, simplicity and security have been incompatible, but with Trusted Tag Services, we can offer both.”

NFC tags lighten the workload

For Guido Kuhrmann, a notable benefit of Trusted Tag Services, in addition to increased security and simplifying processes, is ease of use onsite. “Today, technicians and service personnel not only have to bring their tool box, they often carry laptop computers and even printers. This equipment is mostly used to store information, schedule tasks and create document accountability. HID Trusted Tag Services can serve the same purposes, remove unnecessary devices to leverage mobile technology the technician is already carrying, simplifying their workload.”

Free trial installation according to businesses‘ needs

HID supports clients in finding the precise application that conforms to their processes. “For example, if a maintenance provider contacts us, we can offer a free trial installation. This trial is individually designed. Together with our client, we create a specific trial solution for their application purposes that can be used between three and six months. By intensely testing this system, clients can be certain it will work without issue, whether the eventual inspection cycle is every two, twelve or 24 months”, Kuhrmann says. “We know that clients want to convince end users of the benefits of Trusted Tag Services. The trial installation can help them with this.” If a client does not operate his own CMMS system, it can be provided via the HID partner network.

Trusted Tags can be manufactured to specifications

For Kuhrmann, individualisation is a way of creating client loyalty: “To us, establishing long-term cooperation is important. This is why we offer an extensive portfolio of RFID tags across many applications that can be personalized, in certain cases, customizable to client’s specifications. As an RFID component manufacturer and trusted identities provider, HID Global can realise various different tag forms. Some applications, for example, necessitate not only the need for trust and protection against data vulnerability, but also against physical manipulation. HID Global offers tamper proof NFC labels and tags that lose functionality upon being removed, ensuring they can not be moved to another location or device.” The client decides which tag type to use. The alternative is the integration of the Trusted Tag by the product manufacturer, Kuhrmann says: “This way, the Trusted Tag becomes an integral part of the products security design, offering a possibility for market differentiation.”

Clients can rely on data security

“In the European market, security of and access to client data are key points”, Kuhrmann says, and company policy is structured accordingly: “Out of privacy concerns, all key data remain with the clients’ CMMS application. HID Global receives the transponder code for verification, but does not possess any associated data such as the device, location, or the name of the person on-site. Clients decide for themselves how to manage their information and which functionality to create based on their data.” Clients can use transponder identification numbers and access timestamps in order to create further benefits together with their system integrator. Frequent uses are automated billling, tracking of work hours, and connection with the scheduling or navigation software in order to optimise routes. The specifications of assets being inspected can be connected to the transponder identification number as well, allowing to access detailed information via tablet or smartphone once logged in on-site.

Potential applications in industry environments

In addition to asset management in buildings and public spaces, Kuhrmann is seeing the potential for Trusted Tag Services applications in industry environments: “Wherever companies rely on subcontractors or external maintenance providers, using Trusted Tag Services can improve the maintenance of equipment and vehicles.” He is certain that with Trusted Tag Services, HID enables a marked improvement in asset management: “Our motto is: as secure and as simple as possible. In the past, simplicity and security have been incompatible, but with Trusted Tag Services, we can offer both.”

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