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Fashion Label Vivienne Westwood Chooses Woven RFID Tags

Use Cases | By TexTrace | 25 January 2017
Fashion Label Vivienne Westwood Chooses Woven RFID Tags Photo: Vivienne Westwood

Secure protection against counterfeits with woven RFID labels from Textrace, from point of manufacture to point of sale

Exquisite fashion companies such as Vivienne Westwood need to protect their products vigorously. Counterfeit products are offered at prices that are 20 to 60 percent below the original brand price on the gray market. Counterfeiting is a global multi-billion dollar business – to the detriment of the trademark owner. The conventional global production and logistics processes hardly allow the tracking of counterfeit products. The company Vivienne Westwood has taken an innovative approach to track fashion products throughout all channels from manufacture to sale using woven UHF RFID labels from Textrace. Stephan Bühler, CEO of Textrace, is certain that product authentication and the authorisation of the channels can be accurately checked and proven to the customer at any point in the supply chain.

Stephan Bühler, CEO, Textrace, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global“

Active rollout since spring 2016

“Since spring 2016, the fashion company uses the Textrace source tagging solution for product authentication and brand protection. One-third of the total annual merchandise was swiftly tagged as part of an ongoing rollout. Some textile manufacturers from Italy, which produce for Vivienne Westwood, have employed an RFID application to tag the garments. Other producers will follow shortly,” reports Stephan Bühler.

First phase: product authentication

In cooperation with the integration and software partner Eximia Srl, Textrace offers the Vivienne Westwood fashion brand a secure brand protection solution by using woven RFID brand labels, the eBrand Android/iOS App and the eBrand Authentication Server. Only the first phase of the RFID project focused on product authentication. “The optimization of logistics and warehouse management, the inventory in the stores as well as theft protection solutions, and measures to improve costumer experience with the help of RFID are under consideration,” Stephan Bühler states.

Combination of TID code and brand protection code as protection

Stephan BühlerStephan Bühler The CEO explains: “Vivienne Westwood uses smartphones with Bluetooth RFID readers to identify labels, and, thus, to control the goods. Trademark agents control the authenticity of the apparel, the correct branch location, the apparel origin and the associated suppliers. The collected data is analysed through the cloud-based eBrand software platform. An app communicates with the Authentication Server to verify the products. The woven RFID label is encoded by the eBrand platform with a proprietary algorithm.

The platform combines TID code, EPC code, a generated brand protection code and additional personal client information. Each data is stored in the trusted eBrand Authentication Server Database. To increase the authenticity and the visibility of the brand the label is sewn in the Vivienne Westwood design. The woven RFID brand label is legally part of the product. This enables brand manufactures to take legal actions againts unauthorised resellers and produt manipulations.”

Textile labels capture a market

Stephan Bühler views sewn in textile transponders as a strong alternative to hangtags: “The woven RFID Textrace textile labels are firmly connected to the product over the entire supply chain, from supplier to shop floor, unlike competitors’ hangtags. The connection cannot be broken without damaging the product itself because the trademark symbol acts both as brand authentication as well as protection. Compared to hangtags, textile transponders increase the inventory accuracy considerably, since they cannot fall off and the goods cannot be accidentally double tagged. The Textrace textile solution is unique in the market and more and more companies like Vivienne Westwood recognise their potential, which traditional labels are missing.”

New label for an even higher level of security

Stephan Bühler stresses: “To offer customers the highest quality and safety standards, Textrace regularly releases new textile labels with innovative chips such as the Impinj Monza R6-P to the market. In-house production and intensive cooperation with external partners ensures competitiveness. Besides the Vivienne Westwood project, several other projects are being planned.

Not only luxury goods in the premium segment are being focused on. According to Textrace brand protection is already of interest in a considerably lower price segment. The operational benefits of textile solutions for the supply chain, for returns management and for protection against counterfeits and theft are more important than the pure product value suggests and qualify the solution for the mass market. These decisions are always dependent on the use case of the client.”

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