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Getting Ready for Retail 3.0 with SML's End-to-End RFID Solutions

Articles | By SML | 09 February 2017
Clients can experience benefits first-hand in demonstration centres and pop-up stores Clients can experience benefits first-hand in demonstration centres and pop-up stores Photo: SML RFID

SML provides clients with easy-to-use RFID solutions and a worldwide service network to help retailers take efficiency to the next level

With its first investments in RFID in 2010, SML has become one of the leading RFID companies. Delivering over one billion RFID tags and having retailers perform over five billion RFID transactions on SML software in 2016, the company holds a significant market share in retail RFID solutions. Dean Frew, CTO of SML RFID, speaks with “RFID im Blick” about intelligent replenishment solutions, Retail 3.0 and SML RFID‘s perspectives for 2017.

Dean Frew, CTO & SVP RFID Solutions, SML Group, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

RFID is not a technology decision anymore, but a ROI decision

“Clients of SML benefit from easy-to-use RFID solutions where not the technology itself is the major focus but the ROI generated for retailers and brand owners. SML offers clients complete RFID solutions from tags, tag encoding services, readers to software applications and global support.. With the world’s largest network of 17 RFID tag encoding service bureaus around the world, SML provides this encoding service infrastructure to be “close to the needle”. In addition, our teams can use the expertise we have developed to install and support our Clarity software solutions around the globe,” Dean Frew explains the company’s strategy.

Dean FrewDean Frew “The implementation of RFID nowadays is a ROI decision rather than a technology decision. Customers can witness and experience the benefits of an SML RFID solutions first-hand at SML‘s demonstration centres or pop-up stores – making clients ready for Retail 3.0!”

Clients can experience benefits first-hand in demonstration centres and pop-up stores

The CTO continues: “Since the implementation of RFID nowadays is a ROI decision rather than a technology decision, SML provides its clients and their possible clients with a place for testing of RFID solutions . Customers can witness and experience the benefits of the solutions first-hand at SML’s demonstration centres or popup stores. The company can demonstrate the potential of its technology solutions while clients can try out products in a realistic setting and see for themselves where they can benefit from the implementation of RFID.”

“Years of long drawn out pilots becomes a thing of the past as SML can show the ROI quickly in the evaluation process. Thanks to best practice solutions clients can pick from the features that suit them best as SML software features can be easily activated or deactivated according to customer’s needs. Our client Tesco, for example, achieved ten percent lower cost with an RFID solution by SML. At the moment, four RFID projects are being rolled out in Europe and SML is involved in all four of them. In the USA, the company is involved in five out of six projects.”

Making clients ready for Retail 3.0 which has omnichannel at the core

“One of the software features is the intelligent replenishment function which provides best in class out of stock reduction. Since all technological components are connected via a software system, out-of-stock situations on the shop floor are registered immediately by the system. The system then creates a list of items in stock that need to be moved to the sales floor and informs the employees what the out of stocks are and helps them find the items to move to the sales floor. This same technology is being used to enable employees find and pick items for omnichannel order, so with the increased inventory accuracy this feature dramatically improves omnichannel fulfillment efficiency.

The company positions itself as a leading technology provider in Retail 3.0 in order to help its customers to stay competitive. For SML, Retail 3.0 includes item and inventory management via RFID, omnichannel strategies, pick & collect as well as enhancing the customer experience and analysing the customer behaviour in the store offline and online. We want our clients to benefit from easy-to-use, state-of-the-art RFID solutions like SML’s intelligible replenishment solution, as well as from a worldwide support service architecture,” Dean Frew states.

SML opens new innovation centers and intensifies customer support in 2017

“Companies that embrace RFID to provide a considerable ROI, like Tesco, will surpass companies that do not capitalize on beneficial technologies,“ Frew explains. For 2017, SML plans to push RFID in retail even further as a technology of the future. The company plans to increase the number of demonstration centres to six worldwide and open an eighteenth service bureau in order to further expand the customer support network. In addition to fashion retail, SML will evolve its specialised tag solutions for cosmetics and wine and spirits. Moreover, there will be multiple customer deployments using Android and IOS as handheld operating systems paving the way for integrated Retail 3.0 solutions.”

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