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Cisper: The global RFID supplier from Europe to the Middle East

Articles | By Cisper Electronics | 17 February 2017
From their headquarters in the Netherlands, Cisper provides the best RFID and Auto ID technology for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. From their headquarters in the Netherlands, Cisper provides the best RFID and Auto ID technology for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Photo: Cisper

Cisper is positioned to continue its ten-year success story

How times have changed. “Ten years ago, any use case involving ten RFID readers seemed large scale to us. Today, we supply hundreds of devices for individual applications. Large Auto ID projects now regularly involve up to a thousand readers,” Leon de Ridder recalls. In an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global“, the Managing Director of Cisper explains how the Dutch Auto ID company became one of the leading distributors for RFID technology worldwide.

Leon de Ridder, Managing Director, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

The market leader in a growing industry

The RFID market is growing, and as one of the largest European distributors for UHF RFID, Cisper is growing with it. “Since re-orienting the company towards Auto ID solutions in 2008, Cisper has been increasing turnover by between 20 and 30 percent per year. By now, UHF or RAIN RFID accounts for 70 percent of the company‘s turnover.” In 2015 and 2016, Cisper was involved in landmark projects in Western Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and South Africa, and 2017, de Ridder trusts, will be no different.

Cisper is committed to innovative technologies

De Ridder, an experienced industry expert in the field of RFID and Auto ID, bought Cisper more than eight years ago with his business partner Arthur Fioole. As a distribution company for electromechanical and inductive components, Cisper was a known brand. De Ridder and Fioole started adding RFID solutions to the product portfolio, which they saw as an investment into the future: “2008, at the beginning of the financial crisis, may seem like a bad time to start or take over a new business. But when the markets left the crisis behind and entered a growth period again, Cisper was there for them as a dedicated distributor. Our commitment to innovative technologies paid off. RFID use will only continue to increase as the digital transformation includes more industries and companies.”

Technical expertise and short lead times

Leon de RidderLeon de Ridder As an Auto ID distributor, Cisper focuses on UHF or RAIN RFID hardware and software. “Our clients can expect 24 hour response times to all queries and profound technical advice based on nearly ten years of RFID experience,“ de Ridder explains. „Our extensive and well-maintained supply network means that Cisper clients benefit from very short lead times or direct delivery from stock. We offer very specialized solutions and hardware. For many of our competitors, UHF RFID is one product group among many. For us, it is the main focus of our work.”

The Auto ID portfolio is always state of the art

In addition to its strong RFID portfolio, Cisper is continuously expanding its Auto ID offer. “We are oriented towards customer demands. The increasing interoperability of technologies in a single software solution makes it possible to combine the strengths of different Auto ID solutions. Facial recognition and human sensors are increasingly being used in retail and healthcare vertical markets. We have also added Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices for real-time location services. Together, these solutions provide users with everything they need for a successful big data solution, which is why we offer all of them.”

The philosophy of providing the best possible Auto ID solutions shapes Cisper‘s outlook and projects for 2017, de Ridder explains: “We expand the product portfolio where it is necessary. For example, there is a trend towards integrated software solutions.”

Cisper brings proven products to D-A-CH

“In 2017, Cisper wants to increase awareness for being a one-stop-shop for system integrators throughout Europe. This also includes increasing our presence in the D-A-CH region,” de Ridder outlines Cisper‘s vision. “We have built up a strong team for this task, with experts fluent in German and experienced on the German markets. On the one hand, we provide everything for manufacturing and logistics, two areas where RFID use is already widespread. On the other hand, we also bring a complete portfolio of devices for retail, healthcare and services. Cisper has a lot to offer.”

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