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RFID Solution Flips Fashion Retail to the Next Level

Use Cases | By PR RFID & Wireless IoT Global | 21 February 2017
New store concept makes 70 square metres feel like 300. New store concept makes 70 square metres feel like 300. Photo: Tape à l'Oeil

Tape à l'Oeil uses innovative RFID solution to present entire product portfolio on small sales floor

How can retailers present their entire portfolio when space is at a premium? French children's apparel retailer Tape à l'Oeil tackles this challenge with an RFID retail solution in its test store in Lille: On a small sales area, the innovative RFID storage and delivery system make the company's full product portfolio accessible.

Melissa Mabire, Leader of Organisation and Change Management, Tape à l'Oeil, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

New store concept makes small sales areas seem big

The test store is located in Lille, near the company headquarters. Called the T-A-O Connect store, it is part of an innovative cyber-physical, or “phygital”, store concept which Tape à l'Oeil has rolled out since 2015. The goal of this store concept: facilitating the installation of Tape à l'Oeil stores in smaller sales areas. Tape à l'Oeil operates over 300 stores, but is not yet represented large cities such as Paris, for example, where stores are small and rents are high. With the phygital concept and the T-A-O Connect store in particular, the company is aiming at these markets. The test store is able to present and sell the entire product portfolio thanks to an innovative RFID solution.

Melissa MabireMelissa Mabire “The T-A-O Connect store has a small footprint of only 70 square metres, but it offers articles equivalent to 300 square metres of sales area. Items ordered from storage are located via RFID and send down to the sales floor in an innovative transparent RFID flipper solution. This way, our entire product portfolio can be presented and sold.”

In an exclusive interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”, Melissa Mabire of Tape à l'Oeil spoke about:

  • the innovative „flipper“ which presents articles in the store
  • using RFID to pick and sort articles
  • experiences from the test store
  • customer feedback and acceptance
  • further RFID rollouts in the near future

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