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An Engineering Culture - How Finland became one of the world leaders in RFID

Articles | By PR RFID & Wireless IoT Global | 22 February 2017
Finland: A vast country and high investments into the future Finland: A vast country and high investments into the future

Finland, a country of just five million inhabitants, is home to many key players in the RFID industry. “RFID & Wireless IoT Global” asked representatives from Finnish companies why they think their home country is one of the world leaders in RFID technology today.

From the boom years of Nokia to a diverse RFID landscape

Small Finland is a high-tech hotspot on the world map. Nokia contributed to this decisively. The Finnish mobile phone company was the undisputed market leader in mobile communication during the 1990s and the early 2000s. The boom years of Nokia created a scientific and industrial ecosystem organised around innovative communications technology. They created a generation of communications tech experts, networked both domestically and abroad, numerous RF technology patents, and an excellent education system for engineers and leading scientific research.

Following the decline which Nokia‘s mobile phone business experienced since 2007, the Finnish communications technology ecosystem shifted its focus. Far from being deflated, the industry discovered its entrepreneurial spirit. New companies started up to seize the opportunity. A diverse RFID landscape was born, including big tech companies (among them Nokia, reborn as a network and telecommunications provider), start-ups, system integrators, and software providers. They all work with and support RF technologies – dozens of companies are organised in the “RFID lab Finland” association. Far from being limited to Finland or Scandinavia, they are driving forward RFID solutions and applications worldwide.

A dense network of RFID knowledge

Cross-company cooperations between Finnish RFID providers are frequent. Competitors and partners often know each other since the early 2000s.

Another key reason for Finland‘s RFID boom lies in its education system. The Finnish school system is tied for first place in the United Nations World Education Index, and the tertiary education system has been ranked first by the World Economic Forum. Technical Universities offer degrees in applied sciences, among them RFID engineering. Considering this dense network of RF technology knowledge, it is easy to understand why Finland is home to so many key RFID players.

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