Journalism puts RFID & Wireless IoT in the center of interest

Press Releases | By PR RFID & Wireless IoT Global | 14 March 2017
Journalismus im Zusammenspiel mit Industrie und Politik Journalismus im Zusammenspiel mit Industrie und Politik

"RFID & Wireless IoT Global" editor in chief Anja Van Bocxlaer talked about the importance of journalism at the RAIN Alliance Meeting in Lille to promote innovative technologies

Last week, the Decathlon campus in Lille was "the place to be" for manufacturers and solution providers from the field of UHF RFID technology. Existing since 2014, the RAIN Alliance – with 132 members from five continents by now – invited to the European meeting.

On two of three days, the RAIN members discussed technical questions and innovations in UHF technology in working groups. On the third day of the event, non-members were also invited to learn more about technology, implementation and use cases in a total of eight lectures also by speakers from outside the RAIN Alliance.

Journalism in interplay with industry and politics

From northern Germany, IHK innovation ambassador Anja Van Bocxlaer, publisher and editor in chief of "RFID im Blick" and "RFID & Wireless IoT Global", talked about the influence and significance of journalistic work in interplay with industry and politics. Using examples of more than ten successful roll-outs, she substantiated the effectiveness of thought out process optimisations implemented with the appropriate technology.

At the same time, she drew the listeners' attention to the importance of independent reporting, thus building the bridge to the responsibility of journalists, not just in the fields of technology and innovation.

Responsibility for innovation

Anja Van BocxlaerAnja Van Bocxlaer At the end of her lecture, Anja Van Bocxlaer directly called upon political decision makers to deal more intensely with the topic of "innovation". While technological innovations already show how the future may look like, political systems are often stuck in the past lacking innovative concepts.

Stagnating political systems, which nowadays increasingly rely on ideas from the past, can hardly provide the necessary framework for innovative technologies in order to push them forward, according to the appeal of Anja Van Bocxlaer.

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