Elatec attends Future Gaming 2017 in Belgrade

Press Releases | By Elatec | 28 April 2017
TWN4 MultiTech Core and Nano – multi-technology HF, LF and NFC modules ready for integration without built-in antenna. TWN4 MultiTech Core and Nano – multi-technology HF, LF and NFC modules ready for integration without built-in antenna. Photo: Elatec

Multi-standard readers provide flexibility

Elatec RFID Systems attends the 10th Belgrade Future Gaming fair (30–31 May 2017). The specialist in developing RFID readers and writers will present versatile multi-frequency and multi-technology devices at the international gaming fair in Belgrade, Serbia. Highlights of the presentation at Booth E2 Hall 3 of Belgrade fair include the TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE reader, the TWN4 Configuration Card for convenient contactless configuration of RFID reader devices, and various modules that are ready for integration.

The large number of RFID standards and other near-field radio technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth have made life difficult for those who develop applications that feature RFID authentication. This is because it was necessary to develop product versions each supporting a different technology. The TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE reader enlightens hardware integrators and solution developers by offering one reader that supports all current LF and HF RFID technologies in use worldwide. Furthermore it can communicate over NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which allows contactless authentication with smartphones supporting these technologies (i.e. iPhones and Android-based phones).

Contactless configuration of RFID readers

The TWN4 Configuration Card allows you to very easily (re)configure RFID readers, even when there are many different devices involved – without disassembling the devices or directly accessing the electronics. One can configure the TWN4 readers simply by swiping a configuration card over them. For additional security, a command can be submitted which configures the reader to block subsequent programming attempts made with a configuration card. This special feature enables quick and easy setup for card readers in new and existing RFID environments.


With casinos providing various services, such as spas, gyms and various shops, RFID cards allow customers easier access to amenities. A single card or a smartphone can act both as a wallet and a key for accessing the gaming resort. In this case a very convenient way of human-machine interaction is identification through air interface (RFID/NFC/BLE).

Instead of cash, customers may use contactless cards provided by the casino or their own smartphones in order to pay for gaming chips, purchase items from the minibar or for any other transaction that requires a payment, including usage at gambling tables.

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