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Announcement: How will IoT technology transform manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare?

Press Releases | By PR RFID & Wireless IoT Global | 05 May 2017
April issue includes 12 exclusive use cases and comes out on Monday next week. April issue includes 12 exclusive use cases and comes out on Monday next week. Photo: RFID & Wireless IoT Global

New April issue of “RFID & Wireless IoT Global” presents exclusive use cases!

RFID & Wireless IoT technologies are powering new solutions in diverse areas such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare. The editorial staff has compiled innovative use cases from these industries in order to showcase the potential of the digital transformation.

In addition, this issue marks the start of a new series presenting the different wireless IoT technologies. Up first: SAW technology enables identification and sensorization in adverse environmental conditions, including high temperature environments – and even space!

Vehicle OEMs, suppliers and technology providers talk digitization

The automotive industry is accelerating its digital transformation by deploying innovative technology and Big Data solutions. Production equipment and products are optimised through innovative solutions employing RFID, NFC, BLE, SAW and more:

  • NXP makes NFC ready for industrial automation
  • Agrifac brings agricultural machines into the IoT
  • Dräxlmaier creates total transparency with RFID and Barcode
  • Pirelli uses RFID and consumer apps to optimize tyre life

Zero errors in logistics, fast ROI in retail

In logistics and retail, every step of the supply chain is enhanced by innovative technologies. From just-in-sequence delivery and warehouse logistics until the point of sale, RFID and wireless IoT allow for continuous and transparent solutions:

  • River Island rolls out retail inventory solution with fast ROI
  • Undiz is in the middle of a company-wide RFID rollout
  • SBA Furniture eliminates loading errors through RFID tagging
  • Jysk Nordic streamlines warehouse processes with RFID solution
  • SBB Cargo outfits entire fleet and rail network with RFID solution

How do the most successful hospitals leverage RFID?

“RFID & Wireless IoT Global” interviewed representatives of hospitals which already employ RFID technology – and shows how hospitals can optimise processes from asset tracking and internal logistics to replenishment of medication trays:

  • NewYork Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital optimises medication replenishment processes
  • Aarhus University Hospital integrates RFID and WiFi infrastructure during construction phase
  • Charité Facility Management implements item-level RFID asset tracking

The April issue includes 12 exclusive use cases and comes out on Monday next week. Feel free to download your own copy. In our shop, you have the possibility to subscribe for a full year of quarterly issues sent to you by mail.

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