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Announcement: How a cruise ship with almost 1,800 cabins becomes an IoT flagship

Press Releases | By PR RFID im Blick | 08 May 2017
Carnival Corporation Launches IoT (cruise) Flagschip Carnival Corporation Launches IoT (cruise) Flagschip Photo: RFID im Blick / RFID & Wireless IoT Global

Get all background information in the May 2017 issue of "RFID im Blick"

“RFID im Blick” was on-site for the system integration at the dry dock in Hamburg harbour. The maiden voyage in November will begin in Port Everglades, Florida, and cruise the Caribbean.

Find all details concerning installation, IT testing during assembly and the numerous challenges during the modernisation of the 15 year old cruise ship in the May 2017 issue of “RFID im Blick”.

Carnival Corporation aims to revolutionize the holiday experience on board its cruise ships. Beginning in November of 2017, the BLE/NFC Ocean Medallion will be the ticket to a new way of voyaging. U.S. based Carnival Corporation, which includes global cruise ship brands such as Aida (published at „RFID & Wireless IoT Global“: Smart Processes at Sea | RFID on the AIDAprima), is one of the largest cruise companies in the world with 102 ships in total.

Before the new holiday experience can be savoured, numerous challenges have to be resolved – as our reporter could witness in April while visiting the Regal Princess. IoT means making the cruise ship come to life. At one of Europe's largest dry docks in Hamburg harbour, the necessary infrastructure was installed during a two-week modernisation process.

Throughout the ship, more than 120 kilometres of cables, 7.000 BLE sensors, 4.030 interactive TV panels, and 650 edge computing devices including new WiFi connections were installed. After its sister vessels Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess, Carnival Cruises' Regal Princess is now only the third ship worldwide to be equipped with the solution called “xIoT – Experience Internet of Things”.

Anja Van BocxlaerAnja Van Bocxlaer In the May 2017 issue of “RFID im Blick”, we report if the ambitious goals have been met and if the technology works reliably. Learn why the modernisation is worth the effort and how extensive the retrofits are on May 15th.

Or be on board as a guest when Regal Princess will be the first cruise ship to launch on its “xIoT maiden voyage” from Port Everglades, Florida, on November 12th. Sister vessels Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess will be launched in January and March of 2018 with the new xIoT solution.

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