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Announcement: UHF Readers by FEIG Solve Language Barrier in Spanish Theme Park Dinópolis

Press Releases | By PR RFID im Blick | 09 May 2017
RFID hardware by Feig Electronic becomes the link between audio guide and visitor. RFID hardware by Feig Electronic becomes the link between audio guide and visitor. Photo: RFID im Blick

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The Teruel region, in the northeast of Spain, is the mecca of dinosaur fans, not least because it is home to the largest dinosaur skeleton ever excavated in Europe, a nearly complete Turiasaurus. From an archaeological point of view, Teruel is an exceptional place whose story has to be told – not only in Spanish, but also in English, French and German. In order to do so, RFID hardware by Feig Electronic becomes the link between audio guide and visitor.

In the Dinopolis theme park, visitors can experience the last 65 million years of history during a boat ride. The challenge for all foreign visitors to the park: Until now, the audio commentary spoke nothing but Spanish.

The solution? UHF RFID! A local system integrator developed an innovative solution, based on Feig Electronic RFID hardware, which uses antennas and readers within the boats to scan the exhibits. This allows playing one of four different commentary tracks selected at the start of the ride. The world of the dinosaurs comes alive during the boat ride.

Anja Van BocxlaerAnja Van Bocxlaer Read all details on system integration and the technological features of the application in the May issue of “RFID im Blick” or see live how RFID technology combines theme park and history into a complete experience. Dinópolis: Polígono los Planos, S/N, 44002 Teruel, Spain

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