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Announcement: IoT-ready processes without restructuring the company from scratch?

Press Releases | By PR RFID im Blick | 10 May 2017
Crosstalk connects the world of processes with the Cloud world of the IoT. Crosstalk connects the world of processes with the Cloud world of the IoT. Photo: Kathrein Solutions

For Kathrein, the answer is easy: it's all about finding the most efficient solution for the client's specific requirements. In an interview with “RFID im Blick”, Thomas Brunner and Patrick Hartmann, Kathrein, explain how to effectively implement IoT Tracking & Tracing. Which IoT strategy does Kathrein pursue? What brand new IoT products does the company offer?

The two RFID experts explain how clients from various industries can identify objects lacking an IP address of their own, like containers or vehicles, and connect them to the IoT via RFID.

Plug & play IoT applications can be realized with Kathrein products, such as the newest generation of IoT-ready UHF RFID readers and the scalable software IoT suite Crosstalk.

Thomas BrunnerThomas Brunner Thomas Brunner underlines the privileged position of all clients for Kathrein's solution business: “Kathrein puts the client and their requirements front and center and develops the most efficient, tailor-made IoT solution. Showing what's possible in theory is a thing of the past. Now is the time to implement.”

Learn more details about solutions and get actionable advice, as well as the full interview with Thomas Brunner and Patrick Hartmann, in the May 2017 issue of “RFID im Blick” – out May 15th!

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Use Cases

  • Sport Experience: What had been exclusive to professionals until now will soon be a reality for all athletes – live data from the marathon track to supporters' smartphones.
  • Security Experience: Scandinavian insurance company develops new RFID solution to end bicycle theft in Denmark.
  • City Experience: Santander, Dortmund, and Dusseldorf are only examples. How cities will use RFID, sensors and digitization in the near future.
  • Driving Experience and IoT: rental car company Sixt offers car choice, contract and predictive maintenance via smartphone.
  • Smart Card Solution: 110,000 students at six Berlin universities receive one multi-purpose student card.

Tech Stories

  • Iot Technology Series: What can BLE offer to consumers and to the industry?
  • Richard Schmidmaier, NXP Semiconductors, speaks about new products and applications driving NFC forward.
  • Thomas Brunner and Patrick Hartmann, Kathrein, explain "Tracking and Tracing in the IoT".
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