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Underwear retail chain Undiz in the middle of a company-wide RFID roll-out

Use Cases | By PR RFID & Wireless IoT Global | 23 May 2017
Improving the customer experience is the main driver behind our RFID implementation. Improving the customer experience is the main driver behind our RFID implementation. Photo: Undiz

The RFID-Powered Underwear Machine

French underwear retail chain Undiz is adopting RFID across all its stores. After a pilot including four RFID-enabled stores and a new RFID-based store concept called the Undiz Machine, the retailer is rolling out a comprehensive RFID solution in more than 150 stores worldwide. In an exclusive interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”, project leader Maureen de Slane offers a peek into the ongoing roll-out, process benefits, and improvements to the customer experience.

Maureen de Slane, Directeur de Missions, Undiz, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

Three phases of RFID roll-out by 2018

As the project leader for Undiz‘ RFID roll-out, Maureen de Slane, Directeur de Missions at Undiz, keeps busy. We reach her on-site at one of Undiz‘ more than 100 stores in France, where the RFID solution is in the process of being implemented. “We roll out several stores at once, and aim to complete the roll-out in France by the end of September 2017,” Maureen de Slane outlines the roll-out process.

“Because the store stays open during the roll-out, the implementation process including software integration can take up to one week per location. Each store is different. The solution typically includes several handheld readers, as well as antennas at the doors and readers at the point of sale, but the exact number and configuration we install depends on size and layout. There is no standard format for all stores. We want to ensure that the solution fits the store, not vice versa.”

“Improving the customer experience is the main driver behind our RFID implementation. By reducing time-expensive manual tasks, employees can spend more time with each customer. This leads to more fluidity in our store processes. RFID will continually unlock new shopping concepts, such as the innovative Undiz Machine, in the near future.”

Undiz Machine picks and presents portfolio

RFID also enables the company to deploy completely new shopping concepts, Maureen de Slane explains: “A typical Undiz store displays around 20,000 items and therefore requires a sales floor of 100 square metres or more.

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