LAB ID: Against fake products, improper product handling and counterfeit

Press Releases | By LAB ID | 16 June 2017
NFC inlay IN240T NFC inlay IN240T Photo: LAB ID

Fake products, improper product handling and counterfeit transactions are a part of the daily challenges faced by major businesses and can damage or totaly destroy consumer confidence and trust in brands and services. Certifying authenticity of the product/service and thus protecting the quality of the brand becomes really an issue nowadays.

In order to be able to offer a valid answer LAB ID developed a new NFC inlay, IN240T, a perfect anti-counterfeit solution.

The new product equipped with NXP NTAG213 chip features a digital signature and tamper-evident feature.

The inlay can be placed on product’s label, seal and in particular, considering the small dimension, it can be used as a secure closure for bottles, boxes or containers.

The information stored is easily accessible with a simple tap of any NFC m.

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