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NEOSID develops, manufactures, and supplies ferrite components, inductors, RFID antennas, and RFID transponders. Upon request, customised products are also available. Customised developments are a notable speciality available. Neosid’s customers value them as a highly competent supplier of quality components and innovative manufacturing concepts.

Neosid has redefined reliable RFID technology by developing miniaturised HF transponders at sizes of 2.6 x 2.4 mm and 2.6 x 5.9 mm. The incredibly small NeoTAG® transponders resist the most severe conditions and have a remarkable reading range – even in metal environments. The NeoTAG® plug version comes in a press-fit case which makes assembly fast and easy.

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NeoTAG® can resist short term exposure of up to 275 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes, offering a new dimension in transponder technology. Please bear in mind the technical specifications in the chip manufacturer‘s instructions

The NeoTAG® production is fully automated and, because it is made in Germany, is of the highest quality and on-site service is guaranteed. The ISO/TS 16949 certification is the quality standard. The certification according to the ISO 14001 standard confirms our environmental responsibility.

Ferrite and antenna development and production for LF, HF, and UHF transponder and reader solutions. Miniature RFID-HF transponders used as inlay and plug version for harsh environments.


  • Data Carrier Manufacturer Passive Transponders, LF Transponders, HF Transponders, NFC Transponders, Miniature Transponders
  • Manufacturer of RFID Components Inlays, Antennas
  • Technologies RFID
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