RFID & Wireless IoT Global Magazine - July 2017

Issue Archive | 04 August 2017
RFID and Wireless IoT Global Issue July 2017
  • 54 pages of exclusive wireless IoT articles about RFID, NFC, RFID sensing, Smart Cards and wireless IoT
  • Exclusive use cases by Santander City Council, If Skadeforsikring, BMW Group and Kirschenhofer Maschinenbau
  • Technical articles by Herpa Tech, Detego, AIM Europe, AEG ID, NXP Semiconductors, Blulog, Checkpoint Systems and Neosid
  • Topics: Consumer IoT, Retail, Healthcare, Security and Industrial IoT
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Food and Fashion Retail

Stop wasting foodNew food retail solutions reduce food waste.

NFC sensor and RAIN RFID IC: NXP‘s comprehensive technology solution for food retailers

NXP Semiconductors offers a holistic NFC sensor and RAIN RFID Tag IC solutions for tracking and tracing, temperature monitoring, moisture detection, tamper detection, and more in food retail. The cover story reveals which features technological innovations need to fulfil to generate benefits and a sustainable ROI for the retailer. NXP also shows how technological modernisation provides product transparency, product security, optimised internal processes, increased sales, and more.

Blulog: cool cargo across the entire cold chainRF+NFC data logger solution offers cold chain monitoring.

Blulog: Cool cargo across the entire cold chain

Poland‘s leading food retailer and wholesale distributor of fast-moving consumer goods Eurocash Group wanted to modify the already existing procedures in order to increase the quality of the products they distribute within the cold chain process. The solution: active UHF and NFC data loggers from Blulog. The article also takes a look at innovative future applications such as tracking the condition of goods on the road as well as customer related information about the quality of food in the stores.

With RFID, the customer is truly kingWhere does the customer want to be met?

RFID optimises all retail processes

“Today the retail industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Those who will benefi t from this transformation are those who take the opportunity to digitally transform their off ering. Retailers can react by making goods available both online and offl ine, off ering tailored advice and leveraging their customer experience in a productive manner.” - Dominik Brosch, Global Account Manager, Checkpoint Systems


Consumer IoT and Smart Cities

Prehistoric park Dinópolis goes international with RFIDDinópolis theme park bets on UHF RFID solution.

Consumer IoT: Prehistoric park Dinópolis goes international with RFID

How can theme parks offer the most to visitors? At the Dinópolis theme park in Teruel, Spain, a boat ride has been outfitted with UHF RFID readers. The goal of the retrofit is to offer additional languages (Spanish, French, English, and German) to visitors, improving the quality of the ride for a dynamic experience. The implemented solution shows how to overcome the challenges of metal, water, and demanding environments with UHF RFID technology.

SmartSantander: all action, no talkCitizens can use an app to report incidents to the City Council.

Smart City: SmartSantander: all action, no talk

A smart parking management application automatically handles city parking. Mobile sensors direct traffic. Smart waste bins order the refuse collection. 20,000 smartphone sensors enable citizens to actively participate in the development of SmartSantander. Citizens can use an app to submit ideas, and to report incidents to the City Council and track the progress of solving the issue. The City of Santander sets smart city standards worldwide for the deployment of smart solutions on all city levels.

RFID is in hot pursuit of bike thieves in DenmarkThe new bike solution is based on a UHF RFID.

Smart City: RFID is in hot pursuit of bike thieves in Denmark

About 60,000 bicycles are stolen in Denmark every year. The high numbers of thefts lead to displeased bicycle owners, extensive costs in insurance claims, and waste of financial and human resources. How can a challenge of this extent be solved most efficiently? Scandinavian insurance provider If Skadeforsikring has the answer: the “Digital Bike Frame Number” innovation group has come up with a new idea for a technology to identify all bikes manufactured and sold in Denmark.



Neosid offers miniaturized RFID transponders for healthcareNeosid offers miniaturized RFID transponders for healthcare

Miniaturized RFID tags: enable automation in healthcare

RFID transponders for the identification of medical instruments need to be resilient. Extensive burdens such as high temperatures, steam, pressure, and chemicals must be unable to harm the used transponder. At the same time, the transponders need to be pushed to the limits of minimisation. It may sound like a lot but it is not impossible. To expand the limits of feasibility, Neosid brought the first miniature transponders to the market that have already been used in pilot hospitals worldwide.



AEG ID offers both end users and system integrators customer-specific
engineeringAEG ID offers both end users and system integrators customer-specific engineering.

All-in-one cards: the problem of achieving 100 percent performance

Smart card and key fob manufacturer AEG Identifikationssysteme develops and produces customer-specific smart cards and key fobs for end users and system integrators. With solutions for access, time recording, payment, vending machines, and employee registration, the company offers high-performance card products for all economic sectors, from industry to logistics to medicine. The explains how the company removed fluctuations in card performance.


Industrial IoT

Kirschenhofer uses RFID for safe tool exchangeKirschenhofer uses RFID for safe tool exchange.

RFID guarantees safe tool exchange for truck catalytic converter production

Kirschenhofer Maschinenbau is a special machine builder providing, among other services, the development and manufacturing of production plants for catalytic converters. The recently completed manufacturing cell for truck catalytic converters can produce around 60 different types. Kirschenhofer uses automation technology to ensure that each catalytic converter meets stringent quality standards. Profinet I/O modules and the RFID system for the production plant are supplied by Turck.

BMW Group bets on innovation potential in logisticsBMW Group uses innovative technologies in logistics.

BMW Group bets on innovation potential in logistics

Every day, BMW Group installs over 30 million individual parts from 4,500 subcontractor locations during the production of over 9,000 vehicles in 31 plants across 14 countries. To deliver these parts just-in-time, the automotive manufacturer uses on-site navigation for finished vehicles, autonomous transport robots in logistics centres and automotive plants, augmented reality for picking processes in logistics areas, and electric mobility for trucks and environmentally-friendly logistics.

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