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AXEM Technology

Axem Technology Sets Positive Signals for European RFID Market

Articles | By AXEM Technology | 11 October 2017
Axem offers standardised RFID tags, labels, cards, readers, and mobile devices. Axem offers standardised RFID tags, labels, cards, readers, and mobile devices. Photo: Axem Technology

French RFID hardware distributor expands European market presence

Brexit, threats of protectionism: cause for pessimism? Not at all, according to Axem Technology CEO Philippe Mondon: “What's happening in Europe right now is a positive signal for European trade. The political developments in France are positive and signal a long-term closer cohesion on the continent.” The RFID hardware distributor used this positive energy at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017 for expanding its presence in Europe.

Philippe Mondon, CEO, Axem Technology, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”  

A new era of European cooperation

Buoyed by the election of a centralist, progressive government favourable to trade, business, and reform in France, Philippe Mondon holds a positive view of Europe's long-term economic prospects: “Brexit is not a problem for the RFID industry. The international tendencies towards protectionism are a pity, but Europe can move forward and show strength. We have to work together to be able to be stronger than our competitors. Fortunately, we are at the beginning of a new period of European collaboration.”

Chances for intra-continental trade

At the core of the current economic potential: a new era of French-German cooperation. Together, the European Union's two largest economies can ensure that the business environment remains favourable to intra-continental trade: “Trade within Europe should be stronger in the long term. Political developments are not a problem for people who want to build and trade – whether in France, Germany, the Benelux, or other European countries. Intensified European trade strengthens the need for cross-border IoT solutions in the production industry, textile retail, logistics, and supply chains of various industries,” Philippe Mondon explains.

European expansion with RFID hardware

As a value added distributor for RFID tags, readers and mobile devices, Axem Technology aims to benefit from the positive political stimuli by expanding its market presence in Europe. The company's current main market is France, followed by other European countries and international markets. Philippe Mondon outlines the priorities.

“Axem is currently involved in several large-scale gas industry and military projects in France, as well as industry projects in Western Europe and transport applications in North America. We see a sizeable potential for expansion in Europe.”

RFID is an IoT enabler technology

Technology plays a key role in leveraging the positive economic trends. Smart processes and supply chains can unlock sizeable benefits for companies. As an identification technology, RFID is a building block of the IoT. Philippe Mondon highlights the uses of the technology: “RFID is an IoT technology because it is able to capture the data from objects. Numerous customers are looking for ways to reliably and cheaply capture data. They already know how they want to process the data. The challenge is gathering it. This requires bringing previously not-connected objects into the IoT.”

New target markets: energy and aviation

The technology profile of RFID makes it uniquely suited for various applications, Philippe Mondon explains: “RFID is not restricted to any sector. However, it possesses very precise strengths for industrial applications. Supply chain and manufacturing are growth markets in 2016 and 2017. We are also expanding our activities in energy and aeronautics by obtaining the necessary certifications for these industries.”

In addition to its standard portfolio, Axem technology can customise products such as RFID tags to customer specifications. This way, the company supports its customers in deploying the right product for their application needs.

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