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Articles | By Dipole RFID | 12 October 2017
Dipole brings the benefits of RFID to more and more industries, such as food logistics. Dipole brings the benefits of RFID to more and more industries, such as food logistics. Photo: Dipole RFID

Dipole RFID provides solutions for full process transparency in automotive, pharmaceutical and more

Cost reduction, full transparency, efficiency and a rapid ROI: these are the benefits of a successful RFID solution. But how can the full potential of RFID be unlocked? Santiago Depares Aguilar, Sales Director for Dipole RFID, outlines the way towards a requirements-engineered and customer-specific solution.

Santiago Depares Aguilar, Sales Director, Dipole RFID, in an interview with „RFID im Blick“

More than 5.000 RFID roll outs since 2003

The family-owned business from Barcelona describes itself as one of the pioneers of industrial RFID use in Spain, starting in 2003. Today, Dipole looks back on over 5.000 rolled out RFID projects all over Europe and North America. “We are constantly bringing our RFID expertise to further markets and sectors. For example, we recently rolled out the first solutions for food retail. More and more companies are inquiring about RFID solutions,” Santiago Depares Aguilar states. “The technology has proven to be one of the best ways for companies to gain more flexibility in their processes. RFID is cost-efficient and effective – if it is deployed right.”

Rapid ROI through immediate cost reduction

Asked about the reasons for the increasing RFID adoption throughout the industry, Santiago Depares Aguilar highlights the positive cost-benefit-ratio that RFID solutions offer:

Santiago Depares AguilarSantiago Depares Aguilar “RFID facilitates perfect just-in-time logistics processes by generating real-time awareness of the status and location of all goods and products. If this process transparency is combined with strong software in order to process, analyse, and visualize the data, the savings are immediate. This means that RFID solutions tend to lead to a rapid return on investment.”

Specialised applications for automotive and pharmacy

The ever-expanding solutions portfolio of Dipole RFID is built on specialised applications for demanding industries, such as automotive manufacturing or the pharmaceutical industry. Production, quality control, and distribution processes in these industries require a high degree of operational expertise, all of it based around perfect control of the logistics and supply chain: “There is a lot of potential in bringing connectivity to logistics processes, especially in the automotive and pharmaceutical industry. This requires specialised technology. In automotive or pharmaceutical applications, for example, labels have to be rated for on-metal use, high temperatures, and more,” Santiago Depares Aguilar explains.

Only ustomised hardware provides the full range of benefits

In order to provide the full benefit of RFID, customer-specific solutions require customer-specific labels. This is why extensive customization services are a part of Dipole's offerings, Santiago Depares Aguilar says: “Every customer is different. Due to our design knowledge and experience for antennas, labels and tags, we know the matching design for each case and can design new ones if application circumstances require it. We have a strong partnership with Smartrac, for example, as well as with other leading RFID tag and label manufacturers, enabling us to choose the best hardware for the application. We then specify the products even further according to customer requirements. Dipole has been developing RFID tag systems with special applications for years and can cover a wide range of requirements to solve specific identification situations.”

The three most important properties for software and middleware

As part of its solutions portfolio, Dipole also develops its own software and middleware. “The best hardware is nothing if there is no suitable software that controls and takes advantage of it”, Santiago Depares Aguilar states unequivocally. “The software and middleware that Dipole develops allows to obtain additional relevant data from the RFID tag, which can be used directly for process optimisation. The three most important properties of comprehensive RFID software and middleware are: fine grained and precise control of RFID hardware, quick management of the gathered data obtained for real-time use, and full and easy integration of all data with existing management systems and third-party platforms. Dipole constantly optimises its products with these goals in mind, so that customers gain the full benefit from RFID use.” 

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