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Mojix Solves Static RFID Tag Challenge With New Antenna Concept

Articles | By MOJIX | 16 November 2017
Mojix TurboAntenna Mojix TurboAntenna Photo: MOJIX

Fixed RFID hardware and innovative software solutions help realise a truly connected IoT

At NRF 2017, Mojix presented the Turbo Antenna for inventory in fashion retail. The antenna solution enables fashion retailers to solve the so-called static tag challenge that occurs with non-moving UHF RFID tags. Scot Stelter, Vice President, Products US, Mojix, not only points out the benefits of the new antenna for fashion retail, but also talks about other possible application areas, as well as the advantages of fixed RFID hardware, and enabling the IoT.

Turbo Antenna for static tags

“RFID reading requires energy. Stationary tags – for example, textile tags on shelf articles – do not provide the necessary movements to read all tags properly. When a reader is placed on a metallic shelf, for example, reflections from the metal surface lead to a phenomenon called 'standing wave'. This results in areas of no energy where tags cannot be read.

The Turbo Antenna solution by Mojix randomises the standing wave, so that 99.9 percent of the tags receive energy receive energy and thus can be read properly. Moreover, the Turbo Antenna reading capacity exceeds competitive solutions that traditionally achieve reading rates of 85 percent. Hence, the Mojix antennas offers a higher probability of registering all tags,” Scot Stelter, Vice President Products US, Mojix, states.

Antenna comes in the shape of a 60 millimetre ceiling tile

“The Turbo Antenna can easily be fitted into various store environments. It has the shape of 60 millimetre ceiling tile and can be dropped into different form factors including closed and open spaces ceilings or a drop-in replacement for standard ceiling tiles. Backroom readings for stocktaking are possible as well. The antenna enables real-time, hands-free inventory not only on the sales floor but also in storage and at the POS,” Scot Stelter explains.

Instead of outfitting a room with multiple expensive readers, Mojix offers a solution with one single reader and one single cable. The cable links the reader with the antennas via daisy-chain connections between the individuals antennas. The solution does not require any supporting energy network like other solutions. Mojix solves the main challenge in fashion retail with its Turbo Antenna: the readability of high numbers of tags in close proximity that may overlap. At the moment, Mojix is running pilots in departments stores in the UK, small concept stores in Sweden, as well as stores in the US.

Combination of handhelds and fixed RFID infrastructure

In fashion retail, different approaches compete with each other with regard to stock taking and inventory solutions: “Handhelds or fixed readers is a question often asked in fashion retail. Mojix offers hands-free hardware solutions to its customers that enable automated inventories where no handhelds and employees are needed. Handheld solutions always have to rely on employee compliance. As every employee has an individual approach to stocktaking, results are not repeatable. The turnover rate in the US and in Europe is close to 50 percent each year.”

“A fixed hands-free hardware antenna solution has the advantage that it can not only be installed on the sales floor but also at the POS and the backroom. Furthermore, real-time inventory at all times can reduce or replace cycle counts via handheld. Most retailers use a combination of different types of RFID infrastructure and Mojix believes in the combination of handhelds and hands-free hardware such as the Turbo Antenna.”

The full article has been published in the "Company & Application Guide 2017 RFID | NFC | Smart Cards". Download your free copy  today and continue reading on page 110!

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