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Bluhm Systeme: Unique identification is the basis of safe supply chains

Articles | By Bluhm Systeme | 21 November 2017
With the Legi-Air 2050, Bluhm Systeme developed an entry-level print and apply solution in order to fulfill the growing demand for HF RFID solutions. With the Legi-Air 2050, Bluhm Systeme developed an entry-level print and apply solution in order to fulfill the growing demand for HF RFID solutions. Photo: Bluhm Systeme

Whether UHF RFID, HF RFID, or barcode: Identification creates safety

Until now, relying on high-end labelling and identification solutions was the prerogative of the high-cost pharmaceutical industry, other industries are now following suit. For Uwe Wolter and Kurt Hoppen, Bluhm Systeme, the reasons lies in the continuing trend towards the digitisation of all economic sectors.

“Labelling solutions are enabler for the adoption of digital concepts and strategies,” explains Kurt Hoppen. In order to meet this trend and the rising demand, development at Bluhm Systeme is constantly moving forward. In an interview with “RFID im Blick”, Kurt Hoppen and Uwe Wolter report on the deployment of labelling solutions for new processes and the software linking of objects and systems.

Kurt Hoppen, Member of the Executive Board, and Uwe Wolter, Product Manager RFID, Bluhm Systeme, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

RFID solutions are in demand

Solutions for labelling and identifying products come in many different technological shapes and sizes. Optical labelling technologies in various forms, for example as 1D barcodes or data matrix codes, are still used in large number across several industries. Never the less, Bluhm Systeme is engaged in developing and offering various other identification technologies – for a simple reason: “In addition to applications in which an optical identification is not possible, or bulk reading is demanded, RFID is of special interest wherever product data has to be amended or replaced at a later time,” Uwe Wolter explains.

Kurt Hoppen adds that this does not mean restricting the scope of Bluhm Systeme RFID solutions to higher-priced applications: “In the print and application sector, our LegiAir 2050 offers our clients an entry-level print and apply solution, with which they can now automatically print, encode and apply smart HF RFID labels.”

Is HF following UHF?

Introducing a newly developed entry-level printer and applicator in mid-2016 fits right in with the product strategy of Bluhm Systeme. “In the past, automatic labelling nearly exclusively relied on the UHF frequency band. Now, however, HF has gained ground within this use area and recent inquiries are more and more aimed at HF solutions,” Kurt Hoppen reports.

Wolter explains this return to HF RFID: In the logistics industry, where high reading ranges are required, UHF will continue to be the dominant frequency, but companies increasingly want to digitise processes in other areas with regards to industry 4.0 and IoT.

Uwe WolterUwe Wolter“Traditional applications in logistics are constantly expanded, but we are currently seeing more and more companies employing RFID for container management or production control uses. Until now, these use cases were mainly found in the pharmaceutical industry or in the production of high-priced products. Now, however, RFID has established itself as a labelling and identification solution in container management, from the food industry to C item suppliers. The focus of Bluhm Systeme solutions rollouts are intralogistics applications using smart labels in closed item loops, for example for multi-use containers.”

The full article was published in the "Company & Application Guide 2017 RFID | NFC | Smart Cards". Download your free copy today and continue reading on page 106!

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