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RFID AZM focuses on new approaches and solutions in RFID

Articles | By RFID AZM | 22 November 2017

TU Munich's RFID Application Centre offers platform for scientific, application-oriented RFID research projects

Connecting scientific research and application-oriented users: The RFID Application Centre (AZM) of the Technical University of Munich offers a platform for joint research projects between users, technology providers, and academic researchers. Founded in 2008 in southern Germany, five institutes of the TU Munich started to combine the innovative potential of current RFID research topics with user inquiries in joint projects. The RFID AZM acts as motivator, consultant, agent, and training partner to encourage project collaborations.

RFID AZM as a scientific partner in application-oriented projects

The idea of the RFID AZM is to provide a platform to connect future-oriented, pioneering research topics with application-oriented user questions. “Technology manufacturers, end users, and scientists jointly push RFID innovations to a new level where end users benefit from optimised processes, technology manufacturers profit from new, market-ready products, and the TU Munich gains expertise and contributes to the overall RFID portfolio,” Erwin Biebl, Head of Special Field Höchstfrequenztechnik (HOT), explains.

“We offer a scientific foundation for elaborate, long-term research projects. We do not see ourself as a contractor for commissioned work, but as a scientific partner. We offer competent and professional support in the application process for third-party funding, bring together technology vendors, and system integrators, and help realise all steps of a project from idea to completion.”

Trend: Localisation via active transponders

Already realised projects range from multi-dimensional goods localisation for secure and efficient food industry supply chains to RFID in MSEs and product piracy protection for machinery and equipment. RFID AZM focuses on continuously extending co-operations to cover more areas of application, and to broaden the scientific field.

“Currently, localisation is still a hot topic, especially with regard to active transponders for higher reading ranges, as well as to other wireless localisation solutions. Security and encryption for UHF RFID will become more and more important in the next two years as well. The RFID AZM recognises an increasing awareness among industry participants to stay on top of new trends and developments. Major players like BMG AG joined the RFID AZM to keep track of the latest innovations with the help of a reliable, competent partner,” Professor Erwin Biebl states.

This article was published in the "Company & Application Guide 2017 RFID | NFC | Smart Cards". Download your copy for free today and continue reading on page 58.

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