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Miele joins the OPC Foundation

Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 12 December 2017
Stefan Hoppe welcomes Christian Stickling, Miele, into the OPC Foundation. Stefan Hoppe welcomes Christian Stickling, Miele, into the OPC Foundation. Photo: OPC Foundation

German appliance manufacturer Miele has decided to consequently use the OPC UA Standard in their device manufacturing and join the OPC Foundation. The integrated security providing encryption and signing is comprehensively implemented throughout Miele.

One major advantage of OPC UA is provision of standardized interfaces within different systems. Wasted time caused by integration, when inventing the wheel over and over again, has mostly come to an end. With that the real task - transporting data content - comes back into focus.

Reducing engineering efforts in communication technology, i.e. in highly flexible production processes like Industrie 4.0, dramatically decreases cost.

Christian Stickling, Miele, Information Technology in Appliance Production, says: „Because also global players like Microsoft, Siemens and SAP pushing the OPC UA Standard, we are able create new and integral concepts. Today we are pilot customers of Siemens and we validate the potential of Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services on selected production lines, emphasizing on Machine Learning and Smart Factory. Also, the coordination with SAP regarding OPC UA standardized and production-related exchange of data content, looks very promising.“

Miele uses material flow simulation, which will be using OPC UA standards to effectively obtain live data directly from the source. With that feedback into higher level systems can be visualized, optimized and controlled. Hence, a simulation supported control station is realized. Additional advantage is the use of virtualized hardware. The principles of „Hardware in the Loop“ is validating the processes already during the construction and planning phase.

The OPC Foundation is supporting Miele with their excellent network of different technology providers.

Miele demands the integration of intelligent actuators and sensors from all their suppliers of manufacturing technology. According to the company's principle: „Always Superior“, Miele is on it's way into the digital future.

Stefan HoppeStefan Hoppe

Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation Vice President remarked “By mandating the integration of all of its third party intelligent actuators and sensors and standardizing on OPC UA, Miele is taking concrete steps towards reaping the rewards the Smart Factory concept has to offer. True to its slogan, Miele continues to demonstrate its commitment to ‘always improve’ “ .

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