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SSI Schaefer Wins a Supply Chain Asia Award Once Again

Press Releases | By SSI Schäfer | 12 December 2017
SSI Schaefer receives a Supply Chain Asia Award for its AGV Weasel, which does not need expensive sensors and complex control systems. SSI Schaefer receives a Supply Chain Asia Award for its AGV Weasel, which does not need expensive sensors and complex control systems. Photo: SSI Schäfer

For the annual Supply Chain Asia (SCA) Awards were presented in Singapore, the WEASEL automated guided vehicle (AGV) from SSI Schaefer held its own against renowned competitors and received recognition as the “Supply Chain Innovation (Material Handling Equipment) of the Year”. Only solutions that had proven their worth in at least three reference applications and delivered visible results were nominated.

The international intralogistics expert was also honored by the SCA award in the category “Supply Chain Enterprise Partner of the Year (Hardware)” last year.  


"This accolade affirms our constant drive to develop innovations and custom-fit solutions. The WEASEL is the product of the SSI Schaefer experts' customer and solution-oriented approach, and fully reflects the needs of the market," says Brian Miles, Regional Managing Director (Asia, MEA, ANZ) at SSI Schaefer. “We are delighted with our win at the renowned Supply Chain Asia Awards once again and would like to thank everyone involved for their overwhelmingly positive reaction to our WEASEL.”

The AGV is suitable for almost all transport tasks up to 35 kg. It also offers scalability through the connection of multiple forklift vehicles as a fleet solution, making it the ideal, adaptable goods transport device that has none of the restrictions of a fixed conveying system. The vehicle's compact design even allows it to be used in inaccessible areas.

In contrast to conventional AGVs, the WEASEL does not come with expensive sensors and complex control systems, and therefore boasts lower investment costs. This opens up new opportunities for customers in terms of automated transport solutions. The vehicles navigate by following optical floor markings.

Particularly in the age of Industry 4.0, easy integration into existing systems is a crucial strategic advantage for users: The WEASEL represents a vital link and supports the entire intralogistics value-added chain, which systems provider SSI Schaefer serves from a single source.

In the field, the AGV fleet is already successfully bridging the gap between intralogistics processes in which the use of conveying systems is not possible for practical or strategic reasons. SSI Schaefer demonstrated this in the three reference projects it submitted: in industrial production at Bachmann Forming AG, in the distribution center at Hermes Fulfilment GmbH, and in the picking environment for hanging and flat goods at NextLevel Logistik® GmbH. In addition, SSI Schaefer has also presented Asian references who have installed or are installing the award-winning AGV WEASEL to the award committee: a printing firm, Markono Singapore and three other companies from Thailand, Vietnam and China.  

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