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RFID and Wireless IoT Global Issue December 2017

Wireless Technology

Connectivity from a single source with RFID and BLEWith BLE and RFID, companies gain increased visibility of equipment performance to monitor and react quickly to critical events.

A revolutionary evolution: end-to-end IoT ecosystems!

Precision, accuracy, and efficiency are key benefits of integrating RFID technologies into your operational environment. Contactless RFID is a proven technology for the track-and-trace of assets and provides essential capabilities for optimizing and automating industrial workflows and logistics. However, business stakeholders are demanding faster and more substantial results using fewer resources. As you can imagine, this puts additional pressure onto supply chain, manufacturing, and other operational functions across the organization. It‘s the old adage: do more with less. By Richard Aufreiter, HID Global.

Always up to date with NFC in Electronic Shelf LabelsIn fashion and food retail, ESLs are an effective tool to improve the check-out and replenishment of shelved products.

Always up to date with NFC in Electronic Shelf Labels

With NFC-enabled Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), wrong price indication, non-transparent processes, and unsatisfactory customer interactions are a thing of the past. NFC technology significantly adds to standard ESLs which display the price and facilitate the stock management, by enabling price updates at any time, simplified customer interactions, reassignments, firmware updates, and much more via a simple tap on an NFC-enabled smartphone. By Fabrice Punch, NXP Semiconductors France.

Fingerprint Solutions Take Smart Cards to the Next LevelThe Korean Woori Bank is currently field testing ISO-certified fingerprint ID smart cards for its VIP customers.

Fingerprint solutions take smart cards to the next level

Energy-efficient biometric fingerprint ID smart cards – with or without a rechargeable battery – are no longer in the prototype stage, but are ready to be put into live operation in multiple use cases worldwide. Yiwen Jin, Managing Director, B-Id, speaks with RFID & Wireless IoT Global about the company’s market-ready smart card solution that has been deployed in driver authentication and employee and customer identification applications. The focus of the interview is the benefits and possible deployment areas of the solution, as well as future innovations that combine fingerprint technology with Bluetooth, for example.


Document Management

The Challenge of Managing Four Million Health RecordsEvery library, records trolley, and hospital corridor is fitted with RFID detectors using Kathrein ARU 3500 IoT Gateways.

The challenge of managing four million health records

Kinsetsu and Kathrein help transform medical records management at the UK’s largest integrated Health and Social Care Trust! Belfast Health and Social Care Trust is the largest integrated health and social care trust in the United Kingdom, providing health services to 340,000 citizens in the Greater Belfast area. The Trust files, stores, retrieves and manages almost 4,000,000 health records across six record libraries and with external storage providers. The tracking and management of medical records was identified as an area in which investment in technology would drive a number of benefits. By Joanne O‘Doherty, Kinsetsu.

Register Court in Warsaw tracks more than half a million documents with UHF RFIDToday, more than 500,000 paper files are tagged with UHF RFID labels. Every year, 100,000 files are added.

Excessive search times are a thing of the past

15 kilometres of case files, 1,536 square kilometres of archive space, and daily traffic of 4,000 files to and from the archive: the Register Court in Warsaw archives half a million case files. To increase efficiency and automate processes, the court implemented a UHF RFID document management solution. RFID & Wireless IoT Global spoke with Piotr Derengiewicz, Managing Director, DG Studio, about automation processes, successful optimisation, and tangible benefits.



Sunnybrook Hospital relies on RFID in the ORFeig Electronic offers efficient RFID solutions for healthcare applications from asset management to patient tracking.

RFID reader solutions for the healthcare industry

High-tech for the highest efficiency: Feig Electronic provides RFID reader solutions for the healthcare industry to identify, track, locate, and authenticate medical equipment and healthcare supplies, and to help improve patient care and safety. When solutions for inventory management, patient and equipment identification, or temperature monitoring are required, Feig can offer suitable UHF RFID products for various applications and use cases.

RFID sensor solution in the Lower Silesian Oncology Centre provides permanent temperature monitoring of cytotoxic drugsOver 120 sensors are deployed in all refrigerators and in all rooms where cytotoxic drugs are being handled.

RFID temperature sensor solution saves lives, time, and money

Cytotoxic drugs currently constitute one of the only possible treatments for numerous forms of cancer. They are also among the most expensive and sensitive types of medicine as most of them are toxic and volatile. Thus, some of these drugs have to be kept in refrigerators and can only be handled by qualified medical experts. The Lower Silesian Oncology Centre in Wrocław, Poland, aims to guarantee the greatest effectiveness in curing their patients, so it fully relies on an RFID sensor solution for lowering the costs involved in both the secure storage and the handling of these temperature sensitive drugs. By Leszek Żukrowski,Blulog, in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global



Alba Thyment relies on intelligent brand protection via NFCAn NFC tags applied to the packaging of an Alba 1913 product allows the buyer to verify its authenticity.

Alba Thyment relies on intelligent brand protection via NFC

When pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturer Alba Thyment entered the Asian market with the cosmetics brand Alba 1913 in 2015, one central question called for an answer: how can products be protected against counterfeiting? This was followed by the question of how customers can verify the authenticity of products as simply as possible. After all, like other sectors, the cosmetics industry is heavily affected by counterfeit products. Alba Thyment decided to use NFC chips in the packaging of their product, demonstrating what efficient marketing with simultaneous brand protection can look like. Lukasz Rychlicki, Alba Thyment, in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global


Smart City

Long-range RFID technology will allow people with limited mobility to use the fully automatic SkyTrain in VancouverLong-range RFID technology will allow people with limited mobility to use the fully automatic SkyTrain in Vancouver.

RFID creates accessibility for everyone in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has a proud tradition of innovative public transport. The SkyTrain, built for the World‘s Fair in 1986, was the first fully-automated rapid light rail in North America and is currently the world‘s largest fully automated Rapid Transit System. The regional Transportation Authority updated the entire network with a short range RFID payment and access solution, starting in 2012. As the next step, Vancouver is currently rolling out a truly hands-free solution that will allow all individuals with limited mobility to use the public transport system by themselves via long range RFID. Ashish Sachdeva, Hyperlight Systems, and Bob Moroz, RFID Canada, in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global

15,000 sensors for Barcelona utilitiesIn Barcelona, apps for public transport, bike sharing, and more are based on the Sentilo City IoT platform.

Barcelona becomes an information broker

With the launch of the new open source CityOS platform at the end of 2017, Barcelona hits an important milestone for its “Barcelona Digital City 2017-2020” plan. The goal is to make the city more open, equitable, and participatory. The first smart city projects in Barcelona began in 2006. Since then, the Catalonian metropolis has field tested and implemented various smart city applications, and created an open source data infrastructure which facilitates to citizens and companies the use of applications that need city data. Yolanda Gordo, Jordi Ortuño, and Jordi Cirera of Ajuntament de Barcelona, in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global.

Tel Aviv Yafo implements intelligent systems at all levelsTel Aviv Yafo implements intelligent systems from infrastructure and transport to energy, community, and security.

Tel Aviv Yafo: a smart city for every city pillar

The city of Tel Aviv Yafo has deployed smart systems all over the city, from smart parking solutions to participative citizen applications to connected municipality services. The city’s 400 member strong IT department develops 90 percent of the applications in-house, whether it is a digital application or an intelligent situation map. In an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Liora Shechter, CIO, Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality, speaks about co-operation with Tel Aviv Yafo‘s start-up scene, private companies, and academic institutions. She also gives insight into current projects where municipality workers provide real-time information via tailored connected applications.

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