Elatec presents new product range for single frequency RFID identification

Press Releases | By Elatec | 14 December 2017
Supports all 13.56 MHz RFID standards, including NFC: TWN4 MultiTech 2 HF. Supports all 13.56 MHz RFID standards, including NFC: TWN4 MultiTech 2 HF. Photo: Elatec

Elatec RFID Systems, manufacturer of RFID reader/writer modules, presents two new additions to its TWN4 MultiTech product range. TWN4 MultiTech 2 HF and TWN4 MultiTech 2 LF are multi-standard RFID readers, which give device manufacturers flexibility when it comes to the transponders used by their customers.

TWN4 MultiTech 2 LF supports all common RFID standards for frequency ranges 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz, with TWN4 MultiTech 2 HF covering 13.56 MHz standards, including NFC.

Both versions of the TWN4 MultiTech 2 supersede the TWN3 RFID readers from Elatec. Similarly, the new boards represent a light version for the universal modules of the manufacturer, whilst also enabling customers to benefit from the further development of the high-end modules in terms of programmability.

The number of interfaces has been increased in comparison to the predecessor: Also in terms of USB and RS232, the PCB now features 5V TTL, I2C, Wiegand, clock/data and four GPIOs. The new TWN4 MultiTech 2 supports CCID and PC/SC 2.01 operating modes. The readers are available as a PCB with the dimensions 76 x 49 x 9 mm or pre-installed in desktop reader housing.

A special feature, which reduces configuration effort in large projects, is the centralised (re)configuration of the readers via the network. As such, previously integrated devices do not need to be individually disassembled and reassembled following the conversion. Furthermore, the TWN4 MultiTech 2 HF can be (re)configured via the air interface using a contactless configuration card (TWN4 CONFIG card) only.

When it comes to the two new reading modules, Elatec also facilitates the sale of solutions implemented with them: The RFID readers come equipped with all the essential country approvals and can therefore be sold and used worldwide.  

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