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Alba Thyment Enables Intelligent Brand Protection via NFC

Use Cases | By PR RFID & Wireless IoT Global | 14 December 2017
NFC tags in the packaging of Alba 1913 products allow verifying the authenticity of the purchased cosmetics product. NFC tags in the packaging of Alba 1913 products allow verifying the authenticity of the purchased cosmetics product. Photo: Alba Thyment

Alba Thyment uses NFC to market and protect its cosmetics brand Alba 1913

When pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturer Alba Thyment entered the Asian market with the cosmetics brand Alba 1913 in 2015, one central question called for an answer: how can products be protected against counterfeiting? This was followed by the question of how customers can verify the authenticity of products as simply as possible. After all, like other sectors, the cosmetics industry is heavily affected by counterfeit products.

Alba Thyment decided to use NFC chips in the packaging of their product, demonstrating what efficient marketing with simultaneous brand protection can look like.

Lukasz Rychlicki, CEO, Alba Thyment, in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global

According to the VKE Cosmetics Association, the industry recorded an increase of 20.5 percent in confiscated personal hygiene products in Germany in 2016 alone. These plagiarised products represented a value of 41.84 million Euros. According to German customs, 51.7 percent of counterfeit products came from China. But even if many fakes come from China, it is still an important market for the cosmetics industry. According to research of e-commerce consultancies, around 80 percent of cosmetics products sold in China today come from abroad.

Multiple benefits of NFC tags

The NFC tags that are applied to the packaging of Alba 1913 products allow the buyer to verify the authenticity of the purchased cosmetics product. In collaboration with the solution provider Talkin' Things, Alba Thyment developed an app that offers users access to additional product information and other benefits. Lukasz Rychlicki reports on advances in this field: “One of the goals of the collaboration with Talkin' Things was to pioneer the implementation of an innovative, NFC-based solution in the cosmetics industry.”

Information gain for customers and manufacturers

“The currently tested overall solution consisting of an app and NFC tags represents a tremendous information gain – both for our customers and for us as a manufacturers,” emphasises Lukasz Rychlicki. He further states: “You simply need to tap the NFC tag on the package with an NFC-enabled smartphone that has the Alba 1913 app installed. Tapping is the key to numerous benefits.”

Videos about ideal use can be viewed and information about the ingredients can be retrieved. Moreover, a customer-specific history with already tapped products is created, which can be accessed at any time. Each tap stores localisation data that provides details regarding how many times and how many products were tapped at which location.

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