RFID Case Study by Cisper: from barcode to RFID

Press Releases | By Cisper Electronics | 19 January 2018

A transport company wanted to deploy an RFID based solution to automate a process for a project in their storage depot in order to manage 100,000 assets a year. In the past, they looked at RFID but didn’t think It suitable for their requirements. Cisper and project partner SMRTprojects demonstrated the benefits of RFID - and the transport company was thrilled. 


The transport company was looking for a solution for a project in their storage depot, where on a daily base a large number of packages are being divided and optimized to known recipients. Incoming packages are repackaged to reduce load. After repackaging, the new load list has to be made for the customer, for the transporter and for customs.

The transport company previously used barcode scanners for this task, which took a lot of time and led to errors. To automate this process and reduce handling errors and deliveries, saving time and money, they wanted to have an RFID based solution.


With RFID it is possible to work quickly and efficiently. Our project partner gave a demo of their software and the transport company was thrilled.

  • All incoming goods are being scanned and get an RFID label.
  • After the packages are being repackaged they are put on a pallet.
  • Once a pallet is completed, it will be embedded in the RFID tunnel.
  • All RFID labels on the packages are recognized by the RFID antennas in the tunnel. Also the packages that are inside the large pallet.
  • The software checks whether all these packages have the same recipient, but also notice if goods cannot be transported together.
  • If something isn’t correct, employees will see an error message and have the chance to correct it.
  • Employees can use RFID scanners, provided by Cisper, to search for individual boxes.
  • If everything is correct, a master label (packing list) will automatically be compiled for this pallet, which will list all the available packages. Also all individual packages can be tracked with the packing list.


Due to the RFID solution, the search for packages is easier, faster and there are less errors. There is a good chance that the transport company will integrate RFID in more processes later.

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