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Contact | Mühlbauer

Mühlbauer GmbH & Co. KG
Tel: (+49) 9461-952 0



in Articles | By Mühlbauer | 10 November 2015

Cutting-edge technologies and solutions by the single-source technology partner for the production and personalization of smart cards, ePassports and RFID applications

The RFID technology is experiencing substantial growth in various applications: Garment tags for the apparel industry, NFC tags, RFID ski tickets, public transportation and event tickets - all of them can be produced on Mühlbauer systems. One crucial competitive advantage the Group has to offer is its turnkey solution, covering the complete RFID Smart Label production: Antenna Production, Inlay Assembly, Converting and Personalization.

From Thomas Betz, Managing Director, Mühlbauer

Contact | MELZER

International Sales Department
MELZER maschinenbau GmbH

Tel: (+49) 2336-9292 80

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in Articles | By MELZER | 05 November 2015

Visit MELZER at the Cartes 2015, booth 3 D 064

The family-owned company MELZER maschinenbau in Schwelm/ Germany successfully develops customised machines to produce ID-documents, smart-tickets, smart-labels and RFID technology

MELZER furnishes customers with individual production solutions for almost 60 years. The company’s worldwide success is based on innovative manufacturing techniques and the MELZER modular system with inline production and synchronised processes. Maximum precision, utmost flexibility, and built-in real-time quality checks during the production process, ensure the company’s leading role in the field of ID documents and RFID technology.

Dirk Melzer, Technical Director Sales, MELZER maschinenbau GmbH

Contact | Rinas
Rinas Gerätetechnik

Armin Rinas

Managing Director
Rinas Gerätetechnik GmbH

Phone: (+49) 7552-40588 44

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


in Articles | By Rinas Gerätetechnik | 04 November 2015

Visit Rinas at the Cartes 2015, Booth 3 B 090

New RFID encoding system for continuous tickets allows a wide range of applications from public transport to customer loyalty

For the past 30 years, the name Rinas Gerätetechnik has stood for high-quality encoding systems with proven components, made in Germany, and an established OEM supplier for large mechanical engineering and card personalisation companies. Launching a new encoding machine for RFID continuous tickets, the encoding technology pioneer is taking further courageous steps in the RFID sector. With city passes, employee cards, and customer loyalty solutions, the company is already aiming at the target markets of the ticket sector.

Armin Rinas, Managing Director, Rinas Gerätetechnik, interviewed by „RFID im Blick“

Contact | Checkpoint
Checkpoint Systems

Dominik Brosch

Global Account Manager
Checkpoint Systems GmbH

Phone: (+49) 6272–928 0

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in Articles | By Checkpoint Systems | 20 August 2015

Implementation of strategy and change with RFID

Traditional fashion retailers cannot avoid RFID if they want to position themselves on the market so as to be ready for the future, says Geert den Hartog, Checkpoint Systems: “As a result, the technology change from EAS to RFID is the first logical step to implement a strategy change.” Johannes R. M. Vilmar-Burgert affirms, “RFID provides digital stock and creates the conditions for promotional Omnichannel retail concepts.” The full-service provider sets strategic focus on RFID and aligns the range of hardware, software and consultation to help retailers with the technology change.

Johannes R. M. Vilmar-Burgert and Geert den Hartog, both of Checkpoint Systems, in an interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

Contact | TexTrace

Stephan Bühler

TexTrace AG

Phone: (+41) 62-86551 30

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in Articles | By TexTrace | 13 August 2015

White Paper

In recent years, omnichannel has been touted as one of the most promising new business marketing strate-gies worldwide… and there is a very good reason for this. The omnichannel approach offers significant op-portunities to increase profits and brand loyalty by creating a seamless, integrated, customer-centric experi-ence at every consumer touch point across all channels, both real and virtual. Omnichannel helps realize the increased customer satisfaction that results from placing the customer at the center of your business. This allows you to respond to their needs promptly and appropriately, creating a deeper, richer experience for the customer.

The true power of omnichannel is the ability to collect data that provides valuable insight into buying habits and preferences, offering a priceless opportunity to differentiate and personalize marketing to the consumer. By leveraging this rich data, a retailer can create a complete, 360-degree profile of each customer based on purchase history, shopping behavior, preferences and demographics, providing the keys that unlock today’s retail marketing success.

Contact | RFID im Blick
PR RFID im Blick

Online Editor

RFID im Blick
Phone: (+49) 4132-9399682

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RFID im Blick

in Articles | By PR RFID im Blick | 28 July 2015

eTicket technology brings more than just a switch from paper tickets to smart cards, with new developments bringing both challenges and benefits for the future

VDV eTicket Service is the operator of the VDV core application, which is now the standard platform used for eTicketing in Germany, benefiting millions of people mainly in urban areas. It sees itself primarily as the system developer, rather than administrator, and has new initiatives planned to allow for use of NFC smartphones, increased safety management and international standardisation. ‘RFID im Blick’ talked with Niels-Zeino Mahmalat, Managing Director at VDV eTicket Service, on the challenges and future for eTicketing systems.

Niels Zeino-Mahmalat, Managing Director, VDV eTicket Service, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

in Articles | By PR RFID im Blick | 16 July 2015

Standards are a Key Support to Industry 4.0

For almost a decade, RFID standardisation within the German automotive industry has been shaped by the ongoing and intense debate about two alternative standards: ISO / IEC or GS1. In Q1 2015, the AIDC project group of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) brought forward a key decision, expressing a clear recommendation for the implementation of ISO / IEC standards. The cross-application RFID recommendation VDA 5500 and the application-specific industry recommendations VDA 5501 (container), VDA 5509 (prototypes), VDA 5510 (serial parts) and VDA 5520 (vehicles) will be amended accordingly. As a result, ISO / IEC standards have prevailed in the core logistics processes of the cross-enterprise supply chain in the automotive industry.

Dr. Malte Schmidt (Volkswagen AG), Dr. Gerd Scheying (Robert Bosch GmbH), Olaf Schütze (Adam Opel AG), representatives of the AIDC project group (VDA), in interview with ‘RFID im Blick‘

Contact | Winckel

Ron Jäger

Executive Manager Sales
Winckel GmbH & Co. KG

Phone: (+49) 2751-920875 0

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in Articles | By Winckel | 16 June 2015

“Insular thinking gets in the way of RFID integration”

RFID technology is a lever for achieving efficient processes in the automotive industry. The currently available hardware is technically mature and manageable for integrators, despite their complexity. Companies that want to use RFID in their processes need a partner who knows the industry inside out and understands both the processes of the manufacturer and those of the suppliers. Mediation between all concerned parties is the crucial piece of the puzzle to achieve efficiency-enhancing RFID applications. However, in order to make the right decisions from the beginning of an RFID project, we need a holistic view and extensive system know-how, and this is what is offered by Winckel.

Jörg Bald, Managing Director, and Dr. Erhard Schubert, RFID Project Management, Winckel, in interview with “RFID im Blick”

Contact | Zebra Technologies
Zebra Technologies

Sven Biermann

Regional Sales Director - Printing & Scanning D/A/CH
Zebra Technologies

Phone: (+49) 211-601606 0

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Zebra Technologies

in Articles | By Zebra Technologies | 14 June 2015

Since Zebra’s acquisition of the company Motorola, they have been concentrating their attention on Enterprise Asset Management Solutions for industry 4.0 - hardware-wise printers for the „Internet of Things“ have been a clear priority

The signal to the market is clear: continuity in partnerships, investment safety for users and paving the way for new ideas. Having taken over the Enterprise division of Motorola, Zebra Technologies has refined its position as an AIDC provider for complete industrial and logistics Enterprise Asset Management Solutions. Why Industry 4.0 solutions are a logical step, what industry and printer solutions the company is pursuing and what potential the European market provides, is explained by Daniel Dombach, Zebra, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”.

Daniel Dombach, Director EMEA Industry Solutions bei Zebra, interviewed by Anja van Bocxlaer, “RFID im Blick“

Contact | Fujitsu Electronics
Fujitsu Electronics

Jozsef Miho

Marketing Engineer
Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH

Telefon: (+49) 6103-690 476

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fujitsu Electronics

in Articles | By Fujitsu Electronics | 11 June 2015

Industry, medicine and logistics are not the only ways of using FRAM-based tags. Fujitsu Semiconductor is keen to develop the business beyond these major markets.

FRAM memory technology has a special position among the various types of non-volatile memories that are used for RFID tags. They have a special place in applications where EEPROM-based tags are pushed to their limits and where it is necessary to store large amounts of data at high speeds. „The industry is now in great need of this. And yet, we are also interested in using other applications in which the characteristics of FRAM are challenged so as to develop customised solutions,“ says Jozsef Miho, Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe.

Jozsef Miho, Product Marketing Engineer, Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, interviewed by “RFID im Blick”

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