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Contact | RFID im Blick
PR RFID im Blick

Online Editor

RFID im Blick
Phone: (+49) 4132-9399682

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RFID im Blick

in Articles | By PR RFID im Blick | 24 October 2014

Ultrathin flexible silicon chips and inlays raise the possibilities for the integration of electronics into payment- and ID-cards such as ID-documents and passports to the next level

The way for future generations of cards has been paved: „Multifunctional interactive smart cards with a display, touchpad and keyboard will soon be realizable“, says Christine Kallmayer, Fraunhofer IZM, in an interview with „RFID im Blick“. In the past few years, landmark results in the chip- and substrate technology have been achieved to integrate thin flexible displays such as electrochromic or E-Ink into RFID-cards. With the design of the cards being so thin, complex circuits are realizable too. „Today, it is possible to laminate real, complex electronic modules in cards.“ Regarding the integration technology, from the research point of view, the foundations of the „Next Generation ID“ have been laid. It is now about transferring these foundations into market maturity – and above all, cost-effective producible products.

Christine Kallmayer, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, IZM, in an interview with Dunja Kandel, “RFID im Blick“

Contact | inotec

Christoph Reill

International Sales Director
inotec GmbH

Phone: (+49) 4321-870999, (+49) 173-3550934

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in Articles | By inotec | 17 October 2014

Smart Labels for Special Applications

Innovative Solutions According to Customer Needs

Mountable on curved surfaces, stickable, printable, small, and cost-effective – the requirements for labels are complex. In the core sectors of container management, automotive industry, warehouse logistics, and asset management, label manufacturer Inotec continuously drives label development to provide reliable and innovative solutions, and also for difficult applications. Not only as a supplier, but also as a consultant for labeling, the company uses a down-to-earth approach to show its customers which solution can be economically realized.

Christoph Reill, International Sales Director, and Marcus Muschke, Senior Sales, Inotec Barcode Security in an interview with Anja van Bocxlaer, „RFID im Blick“


Thomas Nitschke

Sales Director Auto-ID
Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH

Tel: (+49) 2131-1245 378

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in Articles | By TOSHIBA TEC Europe | 14 October 2014

With high reliability and innovative features, RFID-capable printers are increasingly common in logistics and production

„RFID inside the printer is standard, yet simultaneously a subject of innovation at Toshiba,“ Thomas Nitschke, Sales Director AutoID, points out. „Users need to be able to rely 100 percent on an RFID printer. Otherwise, complete RFID projects might fail. We achieve this level of trust not by experimentation, but by supplying reliable solutions,“ Michael Becker, Managing Director, Toshiba Tec agrees.

Michael Becker, Managing Director & COO Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems und Thomas Nitschke, Sales Director AutoID, Toshiba Tec Europe, Retail Information Systems, in an interview with Jan Phillip Denkers, „RFID im Blick“

Contact | SMARTRAC

Karin Fabri


Phone: (+49) 711-656926 10

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in Articles | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 13 October 2014

New real-time RFID-document tracking for efficient processes

When digitalization of documents is impossible, a manual organizing system must be used. The search of this kind of system is characterized by high time expenditure. The solution developed by Smartrac in cooperation with partners is supposed to bring an end to inefficient document search.

Samuli Strömberg, VP Global Segment Development Industry, Smartrac, talked with Anja Van Bocxlaer, Chief Editor and Publishing Director, „RFID im Blick“

Contact | SATO
SATO Europe

Detlev Müller

General Manager
SATO Europe GmbH

Telefon: (+49)6221-5850 0

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in Articles | By SATO Europe | 08 October 2014

RFID-printers: Process optimizing with RFID in the fashion- and healthcare industry

Multi-language support, high printing speed, direct inlay printing
RFID-printers are more powerful than ever

Being asked about a pinpoint description of RFID-printers nowadays, Detlev Müller, General Manager, Sato Germany answers: „printing computers“, and explains: „in the newest CL4NX RFID-printer, Sato is using multi-core processors that increase performance in all aspects for first time.“ Apart from printer technology as a core business, Sato also develops new high standard RFID-technology, which for example, allows the 100-percent accurate capture of transponders, says the General Manager. In the interview with „RFID im Blick“, he tells about current projects and why the usage of RFID at Adler Modemärkte might have a big impact onto the fashion industry.

Detlev Müller, General Manager, Sato Germany in an Interview with Dunja Kandel, „RFID im Blick“

Contact | exceet Card Group
exceet Card Group

Giuseppe Ciafardini

Vice President Marketing
exceet Card Group AG

Phone: (+49) 89-33034 302

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exceet Card Group

in Articles | By exceet Card Group | 07 October 2014

Multi ID and Access Solutions eMIS by Exceet offer an identification and access solution that crosses borders of industrial sectors and applications

eMIS: Exceet Multi Identity Solutions

A high-tech company defines future: eMIS will allow the user to control all authentication processes in his commercial and private environment with a secure token or a mobile phone used as a contactless ID- and access solution. This is an example of how the Exceet Group forces its entrepreneurial and innovative power, to display the whole value chain of intelligent electronics in industry, medical technology, and security. „Exceet Secure Solutions specializes in the linking of electronics in the segment M2M including secure ID- and Access Solutions. We are bundling innovative ideas and shape them into value-oriented holistic solutions“, said Christian Methe, CEO Exceet Secure Solutions in the interview with Anja Van Bocxlaer, „RFID im Blick“. He gives an insight into the new megatrends setting projects by the market pioneer in the fields of Multi Identity, Smart City and M2M business.

Christian Methe, CEO, Exceet Secure Solutions and Fabian Rau, Vice President Marketing, Exceet Group, talking with Anja Van Bocxlaer, „RFID im Blick“

Contact | hw-engineering

Horst Wellhäuser

Founder and Managing Director
hw-engineering GmbH & Co. KG



in Articles | By hw-engineering | 15 August 2014

From State of the Art Printers for any Volume to Complete Solutions

hw-engineering, a company from Uhingen in Germany, operates in the ID business on a worldwide scale through a fast growing network of partners. The team members are expert in the ID card sector with many years of experience. „We are inherently customer-needs focused and that’s what has helped us carve a very distinctive niche in the global market“, says Horst Wellhäuser, founder and Managing Director. Our business model is to keep the overheads small and therefore we can offer the most competitive prices.

Contact | MELZER

International Sales Department
MELZER maschinenbau GmbH

Tel: (+49) 2336-9292 80

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in Articles | By MELZER | 06 August 2014

World class products are produced on MELZER equipment

With a success story of more than 55 years MELZER is today a leading equipment supplier and solution provider for the industrial production of state-of-the-art products like MRTD‘s, ID Cards, Smart Cards, Contactless Cards and RFID Inlays. MELZER´s worldwide success is based on the motivation to continuously improve quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of its products, while achieving higher levels of performance. Anticipating the latest developments and doing whatever it takes to serve customer’s needs is MELZER´s mission.

Contact | FIS Organisation
FIS Organisation

Peter Seeck

FIS Organisation GmbH
Telefon: (+49) 40-669616 0

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FIS Organisation

in Articles | By FIS Organisation | 22 July 2014

Full Service Provider for any kind of Plastic Cards

Fis Organisation has always put its focus clearly on the capability of supplying their customers at any time with the desired identification media at an attractive price. Regardless of whether the customer requires a standard card such as Legic, Mifare or Hitag, or a completely new transponder to be developed. A customer appealing to Fis Organisation, will be satisfied – as far as it is realizable in view of physical limits and the available budget.

Contact | Roth & Rau - Ortner
Roth & Rau - Ortner

Martin Bachlechner

Roth & Rau - Ortner GmbH

Telefon: (+49) 351-88861 0

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Roth & Rau - Ortner

in Articles | By Roth & Rau - Ortner | 08 July 2014

Intralogistics in Chip Production

RFID is the Missing Link

Modern 300 mm semiconductor factories work fully automated and highly effective. In contrast to this, older 200 mm factories that were built in the 1990s or earlier are mainly based on manual intralogistics processes. A lot of efficiency potential for instance remains unexploited solely because there is a lack of secure identification to track the product carrier inside a factory, explains Ulrich Spannring, Sales Manager Roth & Rau – Ortner, in an interview with „RFID im Blick“. The company has developed an RFID retrofit solution for wafer carriers that bridges this gap and meets the high standards of clean rooms.

Ulrich Spannring, Sales Manager Roth & Rau – Ortner, in an interview with Dunja Kandel, „RFID im Blick“

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