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Contact | LIV tec
LIV tec

Peer Kohlstetter

LIV tec GmbH

Telefon: (+49) 911-477741 0

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LIV tec

in Articles | By LIV tec | 01 June 2015

Even in harsh industrial environments positioning tasks can be solved with accuracy

“For industrial companies, precise positioning in production processes is still, in the main, an unknown area,” says Peer Kohlstetter, LIV Tec. In order to optimise processes, however, the exact position recognition of industrial trucks, pallet cages, assets and expensive tools or equipment is crucial in large industrial buildings or grounds. “What technologies are used largely depends on the solution. It is not wise to decide a priori for WLAN, Wifi or active RFID in all situations. In extreme environments where these technologies may reach their limits, technological alternatives are required.”

Peer Kohlstetter, Managing Director, LIV Tec, in interview with “RFID im Blick”

Contact | ENTIAC

Johannes Szarata

Managing Director
Entiac GmbH

Tel: (+49) 5121-500 121



in Articles | By ENTIAC | 01 June 2015

Entiac develops AIDC solutions with a focus on medium-sized automotive suppliers

Nearly all major car manufacturers have an extensive knowledge of RFID technology. The company Entiac is a specialist in ERP and AIDC solutions for automotive production and logistics. Building on 20 years industry knowledge, Entiac focuses on medium-sized car manufacturer suppliers, supporting them with tailored solutions. In an interview, John Szarata, CEO of Entiac, talks about Entiac’s transformation from a pure IT House to an AIDC solutions provider. In the words of the company’s Managing Director: “RFID is unstoppable in the automotive industry. In 2015, we will position ourselves to implement affordable solutions for our customers, the medium-sized suppliers.”

Johannes Szarata, Managing Director, Entiac, talking with “RFID im Blick”

Contact | 7id
7iD Technologies

Gerhard Gangl

Managing Director
7iD Technologies GmbH

Austria | Germany | Switzerland
Tel: (+43) 316-716 720

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Company Profle

in Articles | By 7iD Technologies | 27 May 2015

Investment Security through Standards

The individualisation of products requires investments in production and is increasingly inspiring the use of RFID across industry borders

The manufacturing industry has become the driving force of RFID technology, also stimulating downstream processes. According to Thomas Erkinger, CEO of the system house 7iD, the global trend from isolated solutions towards the comprehensive use of RFID is causing a stronger demand for solutions that are based on standards, as is already the case in the US. In an interview with ‘RFID im Blick’, he directs our attention to the changing role of RFID in an increasingly networked production environment.

Thomas Erkinger, CEO of 7iD Technologies, in interview with “RFID im Blick”

Contact | KEMAS

Patrizia Opitz

Marketing Manager

Phone: (+49) 3723-6944 0

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in Articles | By KEMAS | 07 May 2015

RFID Applications for Safer Narcotics Handling and more Efficient Med Wear Management

Hospital processes are subject to higher safety and hygiene requirements so that the health of patients and staff is not endangered. Unauthorised access to drugs, for example, has to be prevented. Handling employees’ med wear is also complex. The company Kemas provides solutions for both areas using RFID technology. Kemas presents its concepts in the ‘Hospital of the Future’, which was created and managed by the Fraunhofer ISST.

Frizzi Seltmann, Marketing Manager, Kemas, in interview with “RFID im Blick”

Contact | SATO
SATO Europe

Detlev Müller

General Manager
SATO Europe GmbH

Telefon: (+49)6221-5850 0

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Company Profle

in Articles | By SATO Europe | 23 April 2015

RFID printers have an expanded application range due to frequency independence, new antenna technology and Phase Jitter Modulation

Global and versatile: The new generation of UHF industrial printers combines all the technological requirements for use in global supply chains in one module, as Detlev Müller, General Manager, Sato Germany, explains in an interview with “RFID im Blick”. Sato extends its product portfolio across UHF and HF with new RFID modules for applicators and printers of the NX Series. In addition, the printer manufacturer is driving forward the PJM technology for applications in the healthcare sector and the diamond industry.

Detlev Müller, General Manager, Sato Germany, interviewed by “RFID im Blick“

Contact | Neosid
Neosid Pemetzrieder

Yilmaz Benzer

Sales Manager
Neosid Pemetzrieder GmbH & Co.KG

Tel: (+49) 2353-71 46

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Company Profle

in Articles | By Neosid Pemetzrieder | 21 April 2015

Continuous Traceability is only given with RFID

RFID Transponders meet today’s technological requirements for integration in medical instruments. They are already proven and tested when integrated within surgical instruments to realise complete tracking solutions. Another application is the authentication of applicators for medical devices using RFID technology, as Yilmaz Benzer and Eugen Swoboda, Neosid explain in an interview with “RFID im Blick”. “The usability and reliability of RFID technology has been demonstrated in the area of medical technology. The technology has shown that it works reliably, especially in the autoclaving process.”

Yilmaz Benzer, Sales Manager, and Eugen Swoboda, Development Manager, Neosid, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

Contact | sys-pro

Harald Dittmar

sys-pro GmbH

Telefon: (+49) 30-56592 0

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in Articles | By sys-pro | 14 April 2015

NFC in Fashion Retail: The combination of NFC smartphones and RFID data has definite potential.

Using NFC to develop ways of improving the shopping experience is not a new idea. What’s new is making the RFID-generated data available for customers with NFC-enabled smartphones. Alexander Gauby, from Sys-Pro, sees the potential to combine these two technologies and bring customers who are currently shopping online back into the stores. „We want to combine online and store shopping and help companies to take the opportunity to increase their market share.“ This new approach is reinforced by the experience of other sustainable RFID roll-outs.

Alexander Gauby, Head of RFID Business Development, Sys-Pro, interviewed by „RFID im Blick“


Thomas Nitschke

Sales Director Auto-ID
Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH

Tel: (+49) 2131-1245 378

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Company Profle

in Articles | By TOSHIBA TEC Europe | 08 April 2015

Label applicators are closing an important gap

Automatic print and apply systems meet the increasing demands for large-volume RFID labelling tasks in logistics, trade and industry.

When it comes to printing large volumes of tags, it is not efficient enough to apply RFID labels manually. In all industries, whether logistics, industry or retail, companies are getting ready to optimise their logistics. For large batches, printing system solutions are necessary to process the required label volumes. “Automatic Print and Apply Systems close an important gap,” says Thomas Nitschke, Sales Manager, Toshiba TEC Europe.

Thomas Nitschke, Head of Sales, Toshiba Tec Europe Retail Information Systems , interviewed by “RFID im Blick“

Contact | HID Global
HID Global

Guido Kuhrmann

Sales Director Identification Technologies
HID Global GmbH

Phone: (+49) 6123-791 0

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HID Global

Company Profle

in Articles | By HID Global | 01 April 2015

Even though it has numerous applications, RFID is still a niche technology in the medical environment – there is no reason for it to be, as various innovative and economic solutions demonstrate

There are multiple ways RFID can benefit the medical sector. Human error or confusion, the worst case scenarios, can lead to patient deaths. “The potential to use RFID in healthcare is deployed more than most people are aware of – and not just from a theoretical point of view,“ Eric Suligoj points out. “Transponders are used in various shapes and sizes, and in addition reader modules from our portfolio are already used in countless applications in virtually all medical areas.“ Eric Suligoj talks with “RFID im Blick“ about the processes in which RFID is already used for optimisation.

Eric Suligoj, Director Business Development – Industry & Logistics, HID Global in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

Contact | Murata
Murata Elektronik

Masahiko Fukuhara

Product Manager
Murata Electronics Europe B.V.

Phone: (+31) 23-5698 363

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in Articles | By Murata Elektronik | 24 March 2015

NFC and UHF are enablers for the digital world

Many product manufacturers want to communicate interactively with the consumer. So what could be better than using an NFC-enabled smartphone? If NFC tags are integrated within certain products, new opportunities open up for customer interaction, brand protection or product tracking, explains Alexander Schmoldt, Murata Electronics in his interview. This expert who ‘thinks outside the box‘ describes UHF integration as an alternative to NFC in mobile phones and explains where this will take them.

Alexander M. Schmoldt, Business Development Manager, Murata Elektronik, interviewed by „RFID im Blick“

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