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in Issue Archive | 08 May 2016

Cover Story: Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto relies on RFID by Feig Electronic in the OR Area

A new level of patient care and providing of OR status reports. Ellie Lee, Manager OR Information Management Services, SUNNYBROOK HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

Topic: RFID in Fashion

GERRY WEBER: The RFID success story continues ... After five years of successful RFID use, the RFID pioneer relaunches RFID system for 800 stores, laying the ground for future innovations. | More time for customers thanks to RFID: The Norwegian fashion retailer MOODS OF NORWAY quickly rolled out RFID in their stores. | NFC and E-Commerce belong together: From the shelf directly to the online shop! Having an NFC sticker on a product fills the missing link to the online world, and creates genuine added value through customer interaction. Ralf Kodritsch, NXP SEMICONDUCTORS, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”.

Topic: RFID and Automotive

The World's First: MERCEDES-BENZ in Bremen is testing a new RFID tag for the detection of moisture during leak tightness testing. | New generation RFID tags tested by VOLVO CARS: The newly developed Confidex Corona Tag is designed to provide a greater safeguard against failure for Volvo Cars while simultaneously decreasing investment costs | Passive UHF sensor tags revolutionise production quality: TURCK and its technology partners bring a sensor tag to the market which redefines processes with a special focus on the automotive industry.

Topic: RFID in Health Care

OSLO UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL installed an RFID solution with great success: Idesco installation offers a high level of security and a full access control system. | RFID controls autoclave temperature! Sterilisation will benefit from quality assurance solutions based on the use of passive RFID plus sensors by MICROSENSYS, starting in autumn 2016. | LJUBLJANA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTRE launches its second RFID project phase: Successful RFID system solution for work wear management will be extended to hospital linen tracking. | Improve hygiene and save costs: Cabinet System Solution for scrubs reduces stock and meets hygiene requirements. Jos Fransen, ABG SYSTEMS Germany, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”.

in Issue Archive | 09 February 2016

Cover Story: The world‘s first - RFID detects leaks in cars!

Mercedes-Benz in Bremen is testing a new RFID tag for the detection of moisture during leak tightness testing

Topic: RFID and Industrie 4.0

Even if terms such as ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Industrial Internet’, ‘Smart Factory’ and ‘Cyber-physical Systems’ are sometimes used interchangeably – experts agree on the fact that RFID technology will be the backbone of industrial process development, or even that it already is. Like no other AIDC technology, RFID carries data from various processes to higher level control IT systems, which are necessary to establish smart, sustainable and efficient processes in industrial production.

Report: RFID and Automotive

Transparency and innovation are now more necessary than ever to bring sustainable concepts to the market. RFID technology is the method of choice to achieve transparency in manufacturing. The technology is no longer seen only as a means to an end, but as a next step, becoming part of the design – at least that is how it is now being considered.

in Issue Archive | 24 November 2015

Cover Story: A manufacturer of construction site containers detects more than 150,000 containers using a flat and yet robust transponder by HID Global

A trend towards ever smaller RFID transponders can be seen accross different applications. Why then does HID Global bring a transponder to the market that is rather a contrast to that trend with a width of more than ten centimeters? „Special requirements ask for special solutions“, is how Guido Kuhrmann, Sales Director IDT at HID Global, sums up the answer in a simple formula in dialogue with „RFID im Blick“.

Report: Container Management and RFID

Not every container is the same and not every container is used for freight transport. Accommodation containers are currently in big demand throughout Europe. Another container option is refrigerated containers, which will support the appropriate ripening process of fruit during transport and storage. The common element with containers is that they appear en masse and they need to be clearly identified and tracked to achieve a thorough itinerary of every process. Is this an ideal environment for the use of RFID technology?

in Issue Archive | 14 October 2015

Cover Story: The Greek National Railway paves the way for optimised logistics planning by implementing a nationwide UHF reader network from Kathrein RFID

in Issue Archive | 17 August 2015


Contactless is the Future of Fare Management, Vending, and Payment

The market for contactless applications is growing: in the coming years, almost all smart cards will have a contactless chip. This change will take place very quickly, even for credit cards. Payment and ticketing with NFC has been around for 15 years. But it is only now that the trend is picking up speed, once Apple, the last player in the market, implemented NFC. The market will now develop slowly, but steadily.

Industrial Production, Maintenance and Asset Management

Clearly identify and error free documenting with RFID

Fashion and Logistics

Increase sales - improve customer service

RFID in the Healthcare Sector

Avoid mistakes and improve patient safety

in Issue Archive | 16 July 2015

The Latest from the Transponder Market: Current Products, Expert Interviews and Applications

No Network without Transponders - RFID is ready for RFID Mass Applications

RFID-sensors, new security features, higher memory capacity of Chip-ICs, even more stable bonding through Direct Bonding and SMT production as well as robust housing expand RFID’s usage spectrum – now also on the temperature scale of -196 to +250 degree Celsius – into a new dimension. Not least, progresses in Polymer technology further the aim of RFID in mass applications. Hence, for example, physicians of the TU Munich recently succeeded to watch the creation of polymeric electrodes during a printing process live. With the gained knowledge, they improved the electronic characteristics of the printed films.

Object Identifiation and Labelling - An Application Overview

Maintenance, asset management, inventory, documentation - must be everywhere regular equipment, technical facilities , equipment and other items tested, used and managed, is the unique identification at the beginning. A 16-page overview presents based 28 current examples from practice solutions, technology key figures and advantages from the use of different RFID transponder in the sectors building management, energy and waste management sector, industry, automotive industry, traffic and transport, logistics and medicine.

in Issue Archive | 25 June 2015

Report: RFID Readers 2015

What is the status of RFID-reader technology in the year 2015? The answer is that the technology will be further refined, optimized regarding functional capacity, and combined with other technologies. In the field of passive UHF-technology, adaptive antenna technologies with self-optimizing options and selective reading integrate additional intelligence into the devices, create extended analysis functions, and lower the integration effort. The combination of RFID-technologies with sensors, overheads as a “new” class of reading systems, as well as active RFID-system solutions with alarm and localization functions, expand the application range.

The Future of Factory Automation

How is Manufacturing’s Future Changed by Industry 4.0? And Where Does RFID Fit in This Future?

At the Hanover Trade Fair 2015, looking to the future was one of the dominant topics: the future of the industry and the future of manufacturing. All voices present at the trade fair – exhibitors, politicians, and trade associations – agreed that this future is already beginning now. But how many concrete and graspable realizations driven by the visions of Industry 4.0 already exist today? What technologies and innovations are needed to establish a promising future for industrial manufacturing?

in Issue Archive | 20 May 2015

Report: RFID System Integration

The technology is ready – is your company?

Does RFID-system integration work according to the books? Yes and no, is the answer of established system houses and solution providers this year. The numerous advantages and added-value of RFID-technology for the optimization of processes in almost all fields of a company becomes realizable when based on intelligent system solutions. The large number of possible applications, whose environment may vary considerably from company to company, is also the greatest challenge for the integrator. Therefore, even in 2015, simulations and tests of RFID-applications in a real-world environment remain an essential part of the system integration. However, the technology is mature and the solution provider’s know-how is extensive and complex. Those companies who bring an expert on board save costs, safeguard their investments, and are prepared for future challenges.

“RFID and Automotive” Report

The content of the “RFID in automotive” report includes stories such as RFID-based bumper production, identification of workpiece carriers, and networked production in the automotive supply industry. Furthermore, we report about current changes to the VDA, a special interest group representing the German automobile industry, industry recommendations, research about the integration of RFID into CFRP large series components, as well as NFC-based vehicle locking systems. Industry experts, technology and solution providers, and system integrators talk about their RFID solutions and expertise for the automotive industry.

in Issue Archive | 06 April 2015

Report: RFID in the Healthcare Sector - One Topic, Four Usage Areas: the Patient, the Hospital, the Laboratory and Medical Engineering

Interview partner are: Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow – Vivantes Kliniken Berlin, Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg – Medizinische Hochschule Hanover, Wilhelm Hilger – Interregionale Blutspende SRK, Ansgar Kruth, Medizinische Hochschule Hanover, André Reinecke – Klinik Logistik Eppendorf (KLE), Uwe Dunker – Eppendorf AG, Andreas Otto – Dräger, Dr. sc. hum. K. Rosenberg – MVZ Praxisklinik Sydow am Gendarmenmarkt, Angela Borrink, LADR MVZ Dr. Kramer & Kollegen, Andreas Lamers, Institut für Medizinische Diagnostik Berlin-Potsdam MVZ, Eric Suligoj – HID Global, Yilmaz Benzer – Neosid, Jos Fransen – ABG Systems Germany, Thorsten Kircher – Schreiner MediPharm

Report: RFID Printer 2015 - Robustness of the RFID-modules, 100-percent control of the labels, Direct Inlay Printing

Interview partner are: Detlev Müller – Sato Germany, Thomas Nitschke – Toshiba Tec Europe Retail Information Systems, Daniel Dombach – Zebra

More Stories: „Special RFID “Bluhm Systeme” tags optimise molten zinc at ArcelorMittal“, Selma Kürten-Kreibohm, Bluhm Systeme

in Issue Archive | 05 March 2015

Report: RFID and Fashion - Is RFID too expensive? Seize the opportunity and you won’t lose out? Where RFID is simply not economical. Reduce costs and mistakes with optimised logistics! NFC – a store innovation? Travelling at high speed to metropolitan areas

Interview partner are: Henny Jordaan - TMO Fashion Business School, Roland Leitz - Adler Modemärkte, Wolfgang Grupp - Trigema, Ralf Scholl - WÖHRL Mode und Textilhandelsdienstleistungen, Holger Henning - Ernsting‘s family, Henry Taubald - Basler Fashion, Tim Hotze - Panalpina, Dr. Michael Goller and Maria Stumpfl - Detego, Andreas Lorenz - Nedap Retail, Alexander Gauby - Sys-Pro

Report: Chip, NFC and Smart Card - RFID strategy of the chip manufacturer. How NFC changes the world? Multi-applications on smart card. NFC technology in 2015!

Interview partner are: Holger Winterhalter - Advanide, Ralf Gräfe - Intel IoT Ignition Lab, Jozsef Miho - Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, Jörg Suchy - Samsung Semiconductor Europe, René Herschmann - Triovacos, Fabian Rau - Exceet Card Group, Frithjof Walk - Feig Electronic, Hajo Sandschneider - Comprion, Alexander M. Schmoldt - Murata Elektronik

More Stories: „RFID has Matured for the Use in Rescue Vehicles“, Alexander Tesch and Detlef Aßmus, HLI Hamburger Logistik Institut, „From Smart Cards to Waste Management“, Luca Del Col and Luca Maria Olgiati, Part Italia, „RF-Embedded: A One-Stop Shop“

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